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Are you an author who wants to sell more books?

If so, there’s one game-changing strategy you can’t afford to ignore.

Every single day, thousands of readers comb through Amazon searching for new books to buy.

Sadly, as of right now, almost none of these people will ever find your book because it’s buried inside millions of options.

But you can fix that.

Amazon Marketing Services, or AMS for short, allows you to get in front of readers who are actively searching for books like yours.

Have you ever read a book and thought, “Gosh, people who like this would LOVE my book. I wish I could tell them about it!”

With AMS, you can pay to make your book show up right next to similar books readers are already searching for.

You can also market your book to people who are searching for certain keywords, such as, “sci-fi romance, vegetarian cookbook, real estate investing,” literally whatever you want.

I’ve taught this strategy to bestselling authors such as Pat Flynn, Ted Dekker, L. Ron Hubbard’s team, and Jeff Goins.

Now I want to teach YOU how to start using AMS like a pro in only 5 days.

Are you ready to sell more books?

Click HERE to join my 5-Day AMS Course absolutely FREE.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in the next 5 days

I’ve held nothing back in this free program. It’s everything you need to start selling more books on Amazon so you can afford to spend more time doing what you love — writing.

My 5-day AMS course will walk you through how to:

  • Create your Amazon Marketing Services account in minutes
  • Identify dozens of relevant books and keywords to target for maximum reach
  • Set up your first ad campaign so you can start selling more books
  • Understand the AMS dashboard so you’ll know exactly how you’re doing
  • Test and optimize your campaigns so they convert at their highest potential
Similar courses are selling right now for over $600. But you can join my 5-day AMS course absolutely FREE.

Click HERE to enroll for instant access.


Reviews (96)

Love the details that Dav covered in the video. Thanks a million!

by James Taiwo

I was very impressed with this course. I have a lot of confidence now in knowing how to market my book. I especially liked the structured approach to compiling Key Words. I don't think I need to use KD Rocket because I can do that work myself, however it is also a great product that is advertised in the course. Thank you for this course, I highly recommend it to anyone who takes self publishing seriously but wants to learn more.

by Douglas Radcliffe

This course is amazing. It's packed with instructions to begin advertising on Amazon successfully. Frankly, Dave could charge quite a bit for this course-- it's exceptional-- but he chooses not to do so. I've used what I have learned to create AMS ads and start seeing sales. Thank you, Dave!

by Kelly Langston

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Love the details that Dav covered in the video. Thanks a million!

by James Taiwo

I was very impressed with this course. I have a lot of confidence now in knowing how to market my book. I especially liked the structured approach to compiling Key Words. I don't think I need to use KD Rocket because I can do that work myself, however it is also a great product that is advertised in the course. Thank you for this course, I highly recommend it to anyone who takes self publishing seriously but wants to learn more.

by Douglas Radcliffe

This course is amazing. It's packed with instructions to begin advertising on Amazon successfully. Frankly, Dave could charge quite a bit for this course-- it's exceptional-- but he chooses not to do so. I've used what I have learned to create AMS ads and start seeing sales. Thank you, Dave!

by Kelly Langston

Kindlepreneur with Dave Chesson has helped me see what Amazon Marketing is all about, and how to use ad campaigns effectively. Very informative.

by Merissa Racine

Very informative lessons that were super easy to understand. I am not as nervous to jump into the AMS advertising now that I feel I have a better understanding as to what I need to do and what Amazon looks for in advertising. I am also excited to try out KDPRocket after hearing what the process would have been like if I had to go through Amazon search.

by Stacy Meredith

So much insight.

by Bianca Pheasant

I'm only in the early stages and I can already tell this course's quality and well-paced content will be well worth my time.

by Tim Haag

I took this course a while back on Udemy and I am now taking it again as a refresher. Approaching Amazon AMS on your own is quite don't know where to start and Amazon doesn't give you much help. I searched Udemy and found Dave's course for free and started taking it. (I am a former Navy nuke like Dave!) I immediately started seeing results. My memoir is in a difficult category. I am competing against books like American Sniper and The Operator...well...I started selling A LOT of books and raking right with them using Dave's AMS techniques. I highly recommend this course and KDP Rocket. KDP Rocket allows you to input enough keywords to rank with the massive bestsellers! Thanks, Dave!

by Nicole Waybright

Lot of excellent information. Can definitely apply what I learned.

by gay Phillips

Wow. This was an excellent course. It really drilled down into the details of what an ad campaign in AMS is and how to make the best of it.

by Nathan Mutch

Enjoyed the entire course. Very informative and it did not take a lot of time. Definitely gave me terrific insight on how to manage my advertising my book. Unbelievably easy to follow. Thanks a lot!

by Consuelo Danita

Thank you, Dave! This is very useful course for beginners

by Tatiana Motina

I have been working with Amazon Adds for around 12 months. Initially I was just experimenting intermittently. In the past couple of months, I became serious and started to track my results in an Access database. I have gradually been able to work out what's happening under the hood of AMS but this course could have saved me a lot of time. It's clear and well put together. I only came across it because I purchased KDP Rocket - combining the course and KDP Rocket is probably the best investment I have made in my book publishing.

by Robin Whalley

Totally informative course. Clear, concise and uncluttered. No time wasting or fluffing about here. The course is directly targeted and met my needs as a new author exactly. I know, without a doubt, that I will be back to refer to some of this valuable material time and time again. Do yourself a favour, spend a few minutes watching the very first episode of the course, and see for yourself. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

by Deborah Haggitt

This is a thorough walk through of the basics of using Amazon Marketing Services. And Dave throws in enough advanced thinking to make this the only course you need to start your journey with AMS. I recommend this to everyone wanting to sell their books. The next logical step after publishing.

by Mark Upshaw

by C B

This course gave me all the behind-the-scenes information on how AMS and Amazon’s algorithms actually work. I have followed it to the T and am waiting for the campaigns to properly kick in to assess any growth in sales. It was quite time consuming without KDPRocket so I’m trusting my sales will improve enough to afford me buying it before it hits subs mode! Fingers crossed!

by Urcelia Teixeira

I didn't know much about ads before watching this, but I've learned a lot!

by Mary Crawford

I highly recommend this course for people who are just starting with Amazon advertising. It was a great help as I will be starting my AMS campaign soon and I was looking for training on how to make a good campaign and didn't want to take shots in the dark hoping that something will hit and take off.

by Ian Worrall

This course is power packed. Dave's presentation is easy to understand and it's targeted. He stays on topic and keeps it real, practical and useful ... no fluff. I appreciate Dave putting together this course and making it free. I've purchased KDP rocket and find it a real timesaver for finding keywords for my AMS ads. Dave Ives

by Dave Ives

I picked up KDP Rocket a few weeks ago. This course really helped me learn to get the most out of it. Definitely worth the time.

by Rachel Eliason

Awesome teaching material, content, tools, presentation. Love it. Thank you ... Keep up the good work. Torsten Klimmer, author of Transcendental Journeys - A Visionary Quest for Freedom

by Torsten Klimmre

Learned a lot in a brief period of time. It's good to have something like this with Amazon Ads, which feels kinda isolating and like your lost when you're doing it solo.

by Justin Todd

After six years of indie publishing and 10 books out there, I've learned that you need more than just well-loved books with great covers and descriptions if you want to make a living at this. You have to have a way to get them in front of a lot of people. That's where AMS ads come in. Without this course, I was clueless on how to set up and maintain AMS ads. With it, sales have already increased, and I'm just getting started! Thanks so much for this, KDP Rocket, and all the great resources on Kindelpreuner.

by Amy Triola

This course was worth the time. I learned more than I expected and it cleared up several questions. Dave stresses that AMS requires effort to be successful. I suspect most authors don't spend more than an hour or two setting up their campaigns and end up disappointed as a result.

by David Cantrell

This is fantastic... very helpful for a newbie, and an excellent review for more experienced AMS advertisers to optimize ad campaigns.

by Jan Richardson

I have learned just how much more you can do with the AMS ads from this course (a lot!). I used to find doing the ad part of self-publishing kinda boring and tedious, but I've just launched a couple of new ads with the new knowledge and it was enjoyable. It's nice to know the info from this course since you can keep the distribution rights to your books (instead of giving them away in despair to some small publisher who does know this stuff!).

by Tony Christensen

This course is really well put together in short segments with clear demonstrations. Even though I have a lot of experience with AMS ads, I am finding the course REALLY useful. Good job!

by Philip Gibson

I've been using AMS for a while and this course provided new information I hadn't heard before. Very easy to navigate and concise information that didn't waste my time. Best resource I've seen on AMS so far. I wish there had been more specific discussion on optimization. For example what is a reasonable number of clicks to impressions or clicks per sale. When should keywords be paused and why- I believe the modules mentioned they would review pausing keywords but I didn't find that info. Although I would have liked more optimization discussion, overall this is a comprehensive and excellent guide.

by carey b

Very well thought out and instructive course on AMS keywords. Easy to follow and very helpful.

by grace jolliffe

This course is an indispensable guide to AMS ads for the indie author. Highly recommended!

by Paul Anlee

I found this course incredibly useful. I had tried AMS ads before, but they didn't really pay off. Having taken this course, I feel I've got a better handle on the monitoring side of things. There is an advert for KDP Rocket (which, I have to admit, would be really useful for finding keywords etc), but it's not intrusive. Overall, it's a brilliant course. Thanks Kindlepreneur.

by Rhoda Baxter

Okay, well, comparing Amazon Advertisements for Books to a fidget spinner really is like comparing apples to monkeys, but you can learn a lot from both (fidget spinners can teach you physics; Amazon Advertisements for Books can teach you AMS marketing), and the AMS course is certainly more thorough about what it teaches than a fidget spinner might teach someone about science. So, my claim that it's "better than a fidget spinner" stands! Seriously, though, I think this is a well-constructed, straightforward course that, even though it thinly veils as a sales pitch for KDP Rocket (a product worth the hype and investment, I may add), it does enough to serve as a teachable course that even those who don't get the program will still know how to make the most of AMS Ads. It's very frank about the amount of time a campaign will take to construct with or without KDP Rocket (KDP Rocket wins this round, by the way), but it makes sure to cover how to create a viable AMS campaign in either situation. Fortunately, we don't have to watch Mr. Kindlepreneur spend all of those hours manually keyword-hunting on screen. This isn't Lord of the Rings, so it shouldn't share in the same video run time. He does, however, show how quickly KDP Rocket can do the same legwork, which fits within about 10 seconds of video time. Ten seconds versus three hours (or however long it would take to do the same work manually) is pretty impressive. This doesn't mean he leaves out examples on how to keyword-search, though. He does walk you through the process for the first keyword. Then he moves on. He doesn't want to waste your time, or mine, so he doesn't do it again with the second, third, or three hundredth keyword. Again, this isn't Lord of the Rings. But I digress. This course covers all of the essentials. It also echos the sentiments that those running a campaign may have about Amazon's success report frequency, statistics on day-to-day changes. It doesn't attempt to hide the flaws that AMS has, but it does offer solutions to get around the inherent problems. Maybe one day we'll see a program that tracks these impression, cost-per-click, actual click numbers, etc. in real time and stores them for a specific date range, giving graphs and all the goodies--we can only hope--but that day isn't here yet, so this course shows how to compensate in its absence for now. It also comes with notes and quizzes for those who forget things quickly and easily (like me), so it's harder to forget the lessons it teaches. There's still plenty in this course that I'll want to review it again before I submit an AMS campaign, but it's short enough (and the notes conveniently accessible enough) that I won't have trouble finding my way around quickly and pointedly when that time comes. How it compares to other courses like it, I couldn't say for sure, as I've got only one other, and I haven't gotten all the way through it yet, but this one's free, so I can say that the education it gives goes way above and beyond the price you're paying for it. The only sacrifice here is time, and it's time well worth spent on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon after the chores are done and the coffee is brewed and the kids are at their friends' houses playing video games. I believe the whole thing is shorter than your average Hollywood movie, and probably packs a lot more useful information, too. Heck, you might even discover your next favorite book, as the course certainly highlights a few good reads. Again, it's free. You might as well give it a shot. It was worth my time.

by Jeremy Bursey

I found this to be very helpful. It was succinct and gave me enough information to launch my first ad campaign for one of my books. Sometimes too much information can be daunting. This was just right. Dave's delivery is easy to understand and genuine. He gives real, actionable information and only at the end mentions KDP Rocket, which I did purchase and did use. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is thinking of writing or has written a book and doesn't know it needs to be marketed or how to market it.

by Helen S. Fletcher

by Greg Olender

This makes my life as a writer 1,000 times easier, faster and more effective. I wish I had this when I first started practicing ams ads 5-6 months ago. -al

by alex shin

Very informative and a great crash-course in AMS. In depth, easy to follow and plenty of great pro tips and insights. Thank you Dave!

by Daniel Cross

by Rosalyn Kelly

Very comprehensive and concise course which others would had asked you to pay.

by SW Chua

I didn't realise that a cost per click (CPC) was not the only factor involved in getting impressions on Amazon. This course had made me rethink all my ads.

by Rhonda Esdaile

I never knew there were steps like thisto take in marketing kindle books. I really say a heart filled thank you to Mr Dave for kindlepreneur

by jimi obanta

I loved this course and it's tripled my AMS sales. I'm still working on refining the techniques, but it's done wonders for me and I recommended for any author.

by Joseph Bendoski

I had no idea what I was doing until I stumbled on Dave Chesson's brilliant course. Amazon advertising is nowhere as easy as it seems and I've sold plenty of books of the back of this course by following his instructions! Recommended!

by Christina Mandara

Dave Chesson is one of the go-to authorities in self-publishing. I make it no secret I've learned a lot from his interviews on podcasts. So, it's not surprising that Dave whipped together an easy-to-follow walkthrough on Amazon Marketing Services. He left no stone unturned and truly made it a remarkable course. Here's the cool part. Though he could've gone all in on his amazing keyword research tool, KDP Rocket, Dave still chose to show how to do keyword research without his tool. That is INSANE value and shows a ton of heart and compassion for those DIY publishers who can't afford even a cup of coffee. I highly recommend the newbie to veteran self-publisher to complete this entire course, because you WILL learn something to help grow and build your Kindle publishing business through Amazon Marketing Services. 5 well-earned stars! -Dale L. Roberts (that loud bald guy on YouTube)

by Dale Roberts

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I learned a lot about Ads. Cheers

by vera Lima

In all my years of taking writing courses, attending seminars, hearing talks on promotion, I have never received the down-to-earth, practical, and detailed information contained in this course. It isn't about writing; it's about promotion, specifically promotion via Amazon ads. And how to get the attention of readers searching for a particular kind of book. Every author, self-published or commercially published (I'm both), can benefit from the wealth of knowledge and step-by-step instruction offered here. The help is truly invaluable. And it's offered at no cost! I'm deeply grateful for it and can't wait to put what I learned here into practice. You can be a terrific writer, but without the right sort of promotion to get your book noticed, it won't matter how good the writing is. Dave is to be highly commended for making this course and his wonderfully informative web site available.

by Elenora Sabin

Not having any experience with AMS, I think this is a great course on the topic. It certainly wet my appetite for giving Amazon advertising a try, and now I have a pretty good idea of how to make it work. Thanks!

by anita evensen

by S. E. Nelson

Hi, Yes, do the course, it is really worth it. Andre

by Andre Pretorius

This 'seemingly' short course packs a punch with enough information to get you started on Amazon ads. Loved the byte-sized videos that give you a look at the what, why, how, when and where of the AMS system. The value for money part (although it's free), for someone who is familiar with ad campaigns, is definitely Module 3 -- finding and targeting relevant and keywords. The longish videos in this section show you how to do just that in a "onscreen testing done for you" style tutorials. You can use this to come up with clickable ads for not just books, but other products as well. Thanks, Dave for creating this no fluff, all useful content material.

by rek sesh

I don't usually give things a 5 star review, but in this case I can't think of a reason for not giving a 5 star review. I not only found it well put together, but an altogether excellent read. I have gone through the entire course and have saved the worksheets to my computer. I fully intend to start over, not to just watch the videos and read the worksheets, but to apply what I have learned. This course really showed me not just somebody's bank account from selling books, but showed actual techniques. In fact, in my opinion, it pulled back the mystique of Amazon Marketing Services and opened my eyes to the the opportunity. More than that it showed me how I can take advantage of the program. I have written books that receive 4 and 5 star reviews, but I haven't known how to get my books to take off. I now have a working plan that I can use. I am very excited about it. Thanks Dave Chesson and Kindlepreneur!

by R. Frederick Riddle

The information was comprehensive and gave me value. It was all applicable. I used it and made money. That is the bottom line for me. I appreciate the information and want to continue to learn more ways to make money with my books.

by paul ibbetson

I really got a lot of insight from reading this book by Dave Chesson. There were some very good points he made through out the book, and I am very glad I took the time to read it.

by Ken Biggs

This course is fabulous. Thanks Dave for putting so much effort into a FREE course. I'd still like to know more. Feels like this is just the beginning.

by Holly Hazen

This is an outstanding course for authors and is well worth the time to take it. Dave Chesson has done a great service to the author community by providing this course free.

by Grey Hoover

This is a very good course for marketing Kindle Books. I wish that the creator of this comes up with advanced series of this free course of even a better and deeper understanding of AMS.

by Suchitra Malvankar

I've taken dozens of online courses over the years and at the cost of many thousands of dollars, and bar none, this has been the most enjoyable experience I've ever had. Dave's great personality and his easy-to-follow instructions are wonderful. He is detailed without being overwhelming, and his passion for his craft shines through. His offer of the add-on of his product is subtle, as is seldom the case with similar video courses. Yes, I did purchase KDP Rocket, not necessarily because I need it, having two similar products already, but because I felt it was only fair Dave be compensated for his time and expertise. Linda Cousine ~Author

by Linda Cousine

All this training for free? It's easily a $200+ value, given away for free. Thank you Dave!

by janaq ciklisti

If you're like me, most authors enjoy writing books and not the marketing of them. Unfortunately, in today's highly competitive indie publishing world, learning how to market your book effectively is a necessary evil if you want to make money. Amazon is the leading seller of books, representing something like 70% of the market share. The Amazon Advertisements for Books course gives you what you need to know to give your book the best chance at becoming a best seller. Of course, it helps if you have the right tool as well. Which is why I also purchased KDP Rocket. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has taken the time to write a book and now wants to make money by selling it.

by Mike Herron

This course is mind-bogglingly informative and I recommend it to all writers, artists, and creators of every description. Dave Chesson covers all aspects of Amazon AMS advertising with video tutorials, progress quizzes, information summaries, and some added resource links. And it's free--well, in exchange for your email, that is. Well worth signing up for if you want to sell more of your books or artistic endeavours. John 'Grumps' Hamshare **

by John Hamshare

Thanks, Dave. Very good tutorial and I just practiced it now. Even though the selling is slow.

by Zico Pratama Putra

I already knew that I wanted to write more generate income from doing so, although I wasn’t really sure what to expect from sell via Kindle and Amazon, mainly due to some of the claims in book I have read which seem rather unreal. I saw KDPRocket and thought, okay he offer a guarantee so let’s give it a try and boy, am I glad I invested. After getting into Dave's mind set, and how he uses this tool I soon saw the potential and I quickly became convinced I could generate ongoing Kindle income and from my writing. It was only then did I discover his well thought out and presented (FREE) AMS advertising course which for me was the icing on the cake and have watched it in its entirety twice and as a result I will be starting and testing a new AMS campaign very shortly. Dave has thought this course out very thoroughly and is a good teacher which makes understanding and mastering this subject both fun and easy. I would say that this course is essential reading for anyone who wants to generate income from Kindle.

by Kevin Nairne


by eddie cape

Dave has gone over and above and created a very detailed and easy to understand course about AMS. I like the weekly reminders and prompts to check in! The video tutorials are cleverly presented and at the end of each chapter, Dave provides a quiz to check your understanding of the material. A very user-friendly course. Thank you. Ntathu

by Ntathu Allen

This course has all of the information you need to get yourself on the fast track to mastering AMS. The information is discussed thoroughly and the videos gave me a visual aid to better understand the steps I need to take. The tests helped me to reinforce the information I'd learned and the notes will help me as I leave the "learning nest" and begin to put what I've learned into action. I've already started to test out keywords with KDP Rocket and I'm almost ready to begin my first campaign. Take this training (and get KDP Rocket, if you haven't already) as soon as you can. NOW!

by Lawrence Elliott

I try not to overstate things and tend to keep my reviews and ratings balanced, but this course was an all-out success as far as I'm concerned. I've taken a lot of webinars and online trainings, but this was something altogether different and better. I had been playing around with KDP Rocket and slowly learning the types of things that work, but this training opened my eyes to the possibilities not only of KDP Rocket but AMS ads in general. I'm looking forward to diving into my books and boosting their visibility and hopefully finding the keywords that'll make them sell even better than they have been so far. If you do more trainings like this, Dave, I'll be sure to sign up.

by Matt Sinclair

Excellent course for anyone wanting to know more about advertising with AMS!

by Michiel Brand

Really helpful information, much of which I haven't heard anywhere else. I've always let Amazon target the ads and had acceptable ROI, but am now looking forward to targeting them myself and comparing results.

by John Niernberger

Very detailed and informative. It greatly improved my understanding of Amazon Marketing for books. A must-see for anyone in the business.

by Joni Hahn

The only thing I did not like about this course, is finding out I was previously doing everything wrong.

by Karen Ficarelli

This is a spectacular source of information. I've run ads before with little results. After completing this course, I see what I was doing wrong. I can't wait to give the tools and suggestions a try. And that KDP Rocket is such a bargain to save so many hours of work. I have to date nine published novels, this software will save me a hours of work.

by victoria schwimley

Thanks, Dave. This was a great course - very well put together with a lot of good content. While I'm not quite a newbie when it comes to Amazon ads, I learned a lot from your instruction that I intend to use. Keep up the good work with all you do - us Indies appreciate it! Regards Trevor

by Trevor Douglas

This is a top notch course on how AMS works and how to best set it up for optimum results. Dave really knows kindle publishing and AMS, and goes all out by sharing all of his knowledge and experience. Incredible course, I just can't say enough about it. Highly recommended.

by Sergio Rodriguez

This is an excellent overview of Amazon ads with a few bonuses and ideas I have not seen in any other webinars, videos or courses. Dave obviously knows his stuff and I will not only be following everything he says to create ads, but telling all my author friends about this great course.

by Julie Schooler

Great course, presented in a clear and concise manner. Very informative with detailed video. Highly recommend it and will come back to this often to keep it fresh in my mind!

by Craig McDonough

Excellent. Very clear, but later sections giving "advanced" information should be reviewed several times by readers.

by Laurence Houlgate

this was the best course out there - and thanks for the reminder - it helped me to keep on track. i will be revisiting the course to make sure i've got a solid foundation for ams ads. i do have one question: if you have keywords that are costing you $$$ - should you pause or not? thank you Rita Moreau

by Rita Moreau

This course is suitable for those new to AMS as well as those who have more knowledge - the gem that makes it really worthwhile are the last two parts of the course where you learn how to really amp up your results. I would highly recommend this course for anyone interested in getting a good ROI on their AMS campaigns.

by Bronwyn Leroux

Best course I've taken for AMS ads. Dave with step-by-step instructions made everything easy to understand.

by Deborah Brown

Good foundation for me to get started using AMS ads.

by CW Hawes

This was a well-laid out, organized course with some very helpful tips on doing AMS ads.

by Rai Aren

Easy steps to far greater, more profitable results for your book through Amazon Marketing Services. Can't wait to get started!

by John D Moulton

This is a fantastic course with in-depth instructions on setting up and optimising Amazon ads. I've paid a lot of money to other courses to get this same information so thank you Kindlepreneur for offering such insight without a heavy price tag. I have since invested in KDP Rocket and I'm already seeing great results from that tool. I highly recommend this course. Legend!

by Jade Harley

It is absolutely fantastic. You have done a good job on the topic, "AMS".

by Tutu Adelusi

I really like the way the course is organized. I am waiting to implement it for my debut novel, 'Battle of the Spheres'.

by melita tessy

This course is a must to do for anyone who is a naive in AMS in the KDP from Amazon. Thank you, Dave, for your professionalism, interest and didactic.

by Paulo Verlaine Azevedo

Weirdly I had been searching the web for information on AMS the day I received an invitation from Dave Chesson to take this course. The course answered every question I'd been looking for answers to and more. I had tried a couple of AMS ads before taking this course with unimpressive results. My most "successful" campaign ran for one month and yielded 2,500 impressions, 4 clicks, and no sales. Following what I learned from the course, I set up two new campaigns. The best one had over 7,000 impressions during the first two days! It's now over 10,000. So the course had definitely made a difference in the number of impressions and my bids are far lower than what I had used previously. I'm still not getting clicks, only 3 total so far with both campaigns so I'm going to try the A/B testing techniques covered in the course to try to sort that out. I'm assuming either my ad copy or possibly my book cover isn't tempting anyone to click and take a look at the book. I did purchase KDP Rocket. I felt that since Dave was kind enough to provide the training for free, buying the software was the least I could do to show my appreciation. What I found out right away is that KDP Rocket is amazing and a must have tool for AMS ad campaigns. Thanks, Dave. Awesome course with information I can really use.

by Larry Darter

by D Mur

by Josh Hagen

I didn't think I had anything more to learn about AMS. I was wrong. I have never considered grouping but Dave's logic is overwhelming. Ditto A/B testing in the form shown. I have done it, but using the "seat of my pants" version whereas the method described in the course is far more precise. The information in this course is first-rate and in my opinion superior to the paid courses available. Rocket looks to be great value.

by Peter Ralph

I've seen hundreds of free offers, lead generation tools and content marketing online in the past dozen years. This course... this FREE course stands out. I have paid hundreds of dollars for similar courses of lesser value. Amazingly, these paid courses were also less organized and polished. Dave, if you ever need a video testimonial, lead or other other resource, don't hesitate. I owe you.

by Doug Crowe

I've been using AMS ads off and on for months without much of a game plan. This helped me map out exactly what to do with AMS ads in order to get sales. I especially loved the idea of browsing GoodReads lists to find keywords. Great tip! The only thing I didn't really care for is hawking KDP Rocket at the end. I get why it was done (you gotta make money somewhere), but it seemed tacky.

by Akaria Gale

I've been using AMS for about 2 or 3 months now, and while I have had some pretty decent success, understanding the ins and outs of it all has been difficult, especially with finding reliable, consistent information. This course was very helpful.

by Josh Powers

I wish this training had come out two months ago. I've just bought an expensive course on AMS, and here you offer the same information for FREE!!! in fact you offer more ideas! WOW!! I've done the course and would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to get immersed into AMS ads. I'm now going to try your way of doing things and compare it to my expensive course and see what results I get. I bought KDP Rocket some time ago and it is WELL worth the money and is an effective time saver.

by Berenice Aguilera

This was great! Job well done in outlining the entire process in using the new feature in KDPRocket AMS Keyword Search. Easy to follow and easy to digest all of the information discussed. I can't wait to see the full benefit this information will have on my book sales on Amazon!

by Derrick Allen

Dave is simply the coolest dude in the Self-Publishing, education universe! The course is well thought out, well written, and well presented. I've been struggling with my Amazon ads lately, having just jumped in head first. They had loads of impressions, few clicks, and basically NO conversions. Now I know why. Back to the drawing board, but with some brand new pencils, and a hell of a lot better strategy. Thanks Dave!

by Steve Bivans

Dave Chesson

Dave Chesson


I'm Dave and when I am not sipping tea with princesses or chasing the Boogey man out of closets, I'm a Kindlepreneur and digital marketing nut - it's my career, hobby and passion.

Other than leading the largest and most popular website on Book Marketing, Kindlepreneur, I've consulted and helped create AMS Ads for NYT bestselling authors like Ted Dekker, as well as Pat Flynn, Jeff Goins, and more.

So, enroll in the absolutely free, no spam or gimmick course, and not only learn how to create profitable AMS campaigns, but also watch as I create campaigns for some of the biggest authors in the industry.

Course Contents

19 Videos

4 Quizzes

6 Texts

3.0 hrs