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Are you an author who wants to sell more books?

If so, there’s one game-changing strategy you can’t afford to ignore.

Every single day, thousands of readers comb through Amazon searching for new books to buy.

Sadly, as of right now, almost none of these people will ever find your book because it’s buried inside millions of options.

But you can fix that.

Amazon Marketing Services, allows you to get in front of readers who are actively searching for books like yours.

Have you ever read a book and thought, “Gosh, people who like this would LOVE my book. I wish I could tell them about it!”

With Amazon ads, you can pay to make your book show up right next to similar books readers are already searching for.

You can also market your book to people who are searching for certain keywords, such as, “sci-fi romance, vegetarian cookbook, real estate investing,” literally whatever you want.

I’ve taught this strategy to bestselling authors such as Pat Flynn, Ted Dekker, L. Ron Hubbard’s team, and Jeff Goins.

Now I want to teach YOU how to start using Amazon ads like a pro in only 5 days.

Are you ready to sell more books?

Click HERE to join my 5-Day Amazon Ads Course absolutely FREE.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in the next 5 days

I’ve held nothing back in this free program. It’s everything you need to start selling more books on Amazon so you can afford to spend more time doing what you love — writing.

My 5-day Amazon ads course will walk you through how to:

  • Create your Amazon Marketing Services account in minutes
  • Identify dozens of relevant books and keywords to target for maximum reach
  • Set up your first ad campaign so you can start selling more books
  • Understand the Amazon ads dashboard so you’ll know exactly how you’re doing
  • Test and optimize your campaigns so they convert at their highest potential
Similar courses are selling right now for over $600. But you can join my 5-day Amazon ads course absolutely FREE.

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Reviews (816)

Very clear and logical.

by elsa dixon

I enjoyed this course the tools that were provided to assist you with being successful were an added plus. As I am new to this journey. I love all the information that is provided to me to be a professional and continue my writing and being profitable.

by Pamela Jackson


by erney pinas

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Very clear and logical.

by elsa dixon

I enjoyed this course the tools that were provided to assist you with being successful were an added plus. As I am new to this journey. I love all the information that is provided to me to be a professional and continue my writing and being profitable.

by Pamela Jackson


by erney pinas

by Joan Tenowich

by nikkia cooper-erbst

Great Course Thank you

by Ahmed Sheikh Abdirashid

by Obianke Henry

I am inspired and I feel honored to have found this course. Dave has a superior talent in relaying information in a way that does not only work, but propels the listener to take action. I am grateful this course is free. The notes in the end and the quiz are a brilliant tool. Thank you!

by Tali Nardi

Really great course. Very informative. Well structured. Clear

by Noel Coughlan

I knew nothing about Kindle ads coming in, even though I have 6 Kindle books up. This course was a perfect intro to how to do the ads the best, how things work, what is important and what is not. Really appreciate Dave, the teacher & his expertise. Thank you so much!

by Kathryn Alice

The dialog was much too fast in these two sections. I got lost on parts of the sponsored ad directions and on the dashboard explanations.

by Connie Bettich

A great course for beginners to understand the basics of running their own AMS ads.

by Catherine Odell

by Emilio Maristany

by ziyu book

Great course, very helpful, a lot of resources! Highly recommended.

by Michael Borgers

Dave is clear, concise, and presents a step-by-step process to navigating what can be an overwhelming venture into the waters of Amazon Ads, especially to a newbie. With examples, lots of visuals, and a transcript of the course, you have everything you need to get a campaign going and absolutely no reason to doubt your ability to do it. I purchased Publisher Rocket months ago, and I was surprised with the information it supplied me. Now I have another way to utilize this amazing tool to save even more time and put me in a position to grow my sales and profits personally and for my business. Thank you, Dave.

by Ann Jagger

Dave has put together an excellent series of bite-size tutorials, explaining everything very clearly. Don't spend money on Amazon ads until you've watched this.

by karen wheeler

It was excellent.

by Robert Cooper

Dave does a great job presenting the information step-by-step for creating Amazon book ads and campaigns. I watched the videos on one computer and created the ad on my other computer. I'll be coming back to review the advanced info after my ads are running to improve them. Well worth your time!

by Ruth Arthurs

Thanks so much Dave for this great resource. It's super helpful for first time authors like me who want to get started getting their books out there!

by bryan lark

I wanted to look at advertising my books on amazon, but the thought made me really nervous. I didn't know where to start. However, this course was so easy to follow in bite size pieces. There are informative videos and illustrations to walk authors through their first use of Amazon Advertising. It put me immediately at ease, so much so that I could not wait to set up my first campaigns. Each section can be viewed at your own pace, with a little quiz at the end of each section to help recap and check if you have taken in the information. The course has the added benefit of notes that can be returned to time and again. Very highly recommended.

by Rose English

Excellent course! Sure it's wrapped around software they are selling but you don't have to use that to set up your ads. I'll see how my (very niche) books go then consider the software. Highly recommend.

by Lise Frances

I'm a novice. I appreciate your teaching methods.

by Bob Rogers

Well structured and spaced-out course. Wonderful job! Keep it up.

by Ralph B

This course teaches book sellers / authors new to Amazon Marketing (AMS) how to set up, use, and optimize marketing campaigns to sell books. As a new self-published author I was very ignorant and intimated by the idea of AMS. This course has given me the knowledge and confidence I need to be successful at promoting and selling my book on Amazon. I am truly grateful for this course.

by Rachel Salgado

by Marianne Komek

This was good information that was presented well. It answered many of my questions, but there is definitely more I’d like to know.

by ann parker

Excellent presentaion. Simplicity and clarity

by Kam Yew

Course is excellent in its content and delivery.

by Vivek Srivastava

by Lori Armstrong

I wish I took this course before I ever ventured into Amazon advertising. I wasted $$ and can see now exactly what I did wrong. It's not intuitive - it is a skill that needs to be acquired. This course provides so much helpful information - I can't wait to put it into practice!

by AE Faulkner

Dave .. this course is simply superb and you completely nailed it with simple steps and easy to understand procedures. The KDP Rocket is going to make a lot of impact on the campaign and saves lot of time. worth buying it for $97 for lifetime validity

by Shiva Prasad Vangala

get knowledge more about amazone ads

by Bhavna shiyal

This course gives great insight into how to advertise your book. The steps are explained in easy to follow terms.

by Mark Sherman

Dave, you're such a great teacher. Thank you so much for this course.

by Ogechukwu Igbokwe

Good info, especially in explaining what AMS does

by Jo Barney

by Susan Deslaurier

Really astonished how much value it gives as a free course. I believe it is very hard to find nowadays. Plus love how Dave explains it simply and in a charming way, yet still professional. Very grateful and highly recommended!

by Diana Baltrusaityte

by Peter Walsh

Dear Dave Thank you so much for this course. It is exceptionally helpful, especially as my knowledge of advertising is very limited. I now feel I have the understanding to move forward and will not be wasting my money, time and head space. It is well presented, very professional and easy to follow. Thank you

by Elizabeth Nottage

An in-depth look at amazon ads and the 5 W's regarding them. It took me a few go-throughs to understand different parts of it, and there are still areas I'm a little iffy on, but overall, it's my ignorance and ability to understand from a newbie viewpoint and not the course itself. Delving into the material more than once shows that all questions are answered and I appreciate the time and effort it took to create the course and above all, offer it for free. I hope to take advantage of it many times in the future. Thank you!

by louise willis

So helpful

by ayomide joseph

I am really impressed... the way he makes d things so simple... very knowledgeable person.thank u 4 introducing dis awesome piece of knowledge.

by sharda chakraborty

Great info and format.

by J.Michael Palka

This course was informative and understandable. I'd recommend it.

by S.M. Dapelo

This course taught me how to create my first ad campaign.

by Ryan Messenger

So much information on Amazon ads and how to use them. Yet, it was broken into easy to understand bits and pieces, providing excellent advice that could applied to almost any sale item.

by Elizabeth Ayers

The course has been excellent. It is easy to follow and breaks the topic down into manageable chunks. Dave explains things well and clearly is very knowledgable. Definitely check out this course if you want to run AMS book ads.

by Simon Long

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, you know how daunting it is to get noticed on Amazon. I searched Youtube for information on how to advertise through AMS and the videos left me even more confused. Fortunately, I stumbled onto Dave's introduction video, found his course and now feel armed to finally advertise effectively on Amazon. I highly recommend this course. Also, I have been using KDP Rocket and couldn't live without it.

by Cathryn Petit

Brilliantly presented, Dave's friendly and engaging style is perfectly pitched for beginners to AMS and self publishing as a whole. Really clear, informative and insightful advice. There seem to be a few slight differences to AMS on the UK side - mainly not having the ability, as far as I understand, to write sales copy for ads - but the content of this course still remains pretty much 100% relevant. Of course, being free the course is 100% value for money. Maybe more! Not sure 'my' books will see a profit from what appear to be pretty slim margins, but this course has given me the best possible chance! I would highly recommend this course to anyone like me who is just starting out. Thanks Dave.

by stuart james

by Pam Macri

by John Alabi

This is a superb course which goes from high-level into forensic detail for those who are properly serious about growing their book brand/business/sales. Dave really knows his subject, and his delivery is 100% natural, which is so refreshing. He exudes authority and knowledge, and it's all backed up by screen shared data. This whole amazon advertising thing makes me very nervous, mainly because of the way amazon makes out how simple it all is. One look at the AMS platform will put you straight on that! It makes me instantly suspicious. But Dave cuts through the complexity, breaking it down into manageable chunks. If it's tricky, he'll tell you... and then show you how to do it. A brilliantly designed and delivered course. Thank You.

by Will Piper

I absolutely was blown away by this course! Typically, I am wary about online courses because I have only been disappointed by them in the past. But since this was free, I thought it wouldn't hurt to try it out since I was not understanding completely what I needed to do with ads from my other online course. This course lays out what you need to do and how to do in an easy and organized manner. It has brought clarity on the steps I need to take in order to get me going and answered a lot of my "why" and "how" questions that I did not get from my other course.

by Joanna Mark

I really loved what I have learned in this course, now very soon I will be ready to set up my campaigns. Thank you so much, Dave you the best.

by Richard Edwards

I learned a lot! I loved that there was valuable information, and he wasn't just trying to sell me something all the time.

by Kristi Huynh

The entire presentation is very well laid out and very informative. Great job.

by John Dickson

Everything is very understandable and helpful.

by Noreen Conlin

by Samuel Henry

It's been really great taking this course so far. My initial fear about running a loss for Amazon ads has been curtailed by your explanation of negative targeting. Thank you so much Dave for the wonderful presentation. I'm very grateful.

by Thomas Ayim


by Harold Sandberg

He is really enthusiastic but the whole kdp rocket isn't working for me. Im trying one more time and then Im done with it.

by daniel hill

For a first-timer, it's a treasure trove. Helping me with my baby steps and in turn, become a pro in promoting my books. It covers all the important points in an easy-to-understand way.

by Virendra Kashyap

I loved this course, even though it was mostly for adult books...hoping it works as well for children's picture books.

by Mary Pat Kanaley

Excellent information, simple, easy, quick and felt achievable.

by Sharon Cairns

It's fully loaded

by Uche Benjamin

Great material, no BS. Don't want to puff up Dave's head too much, but he's leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the pack in this business of helping authors. Most of these blowhards do simply THAT: Blow Smoke. Bla bla bla bla Blah - and don't tell you anything till you BUY, and sometimes not even then. Dave gets to the point and gets to business - in an exceedingly friendly way to boot! Actually SHOWS you HOW, not randomly circling his mouse around Amazon pages you don't understand, saying nothing but crap like, "Isn't that cool?" Is what cool? What did you show me? NOTHING! You get my point??

by Alan Fischer

by mark paul

Day 4 course complete. What a great resource you have provided! The idea of marketing for my children's books has eluded me for a few years now. With the knowledge you have shared I feel like I have a great place to start and I can see a road ahead. Thanks for your generosity with knowledge!

by Randolph Carels

I have just completed part 1 of the course and can already see how powerful this knowledge will be going forward - Dave you are a legend thank you!

by victoria smith

It was very informative!

by Joe Vagott

Thanks a lot for this amazing course!

by Rafael Nieto

by jules allen

Wonderful course, everything explained step by step, I am so happy and impressed.

by Kori Svensson

So far it has kept my interests. Look forward to the rest.

by Joseph Ferguson

A very comprehensive and well structured course, introducing me to a topic that I knew next to nothing about, and giving confidence to benefit from knowledge that can only be gained through experience. Thoughtful, well illustrated, and backed by many helpful notes.

by Clive Johnson

This course is PACKED with useful information and presented in accessible format. For anyone new to book marketing and specifically Amazon book marketing, you won’t be disappointed.

by Hank Finkel

by Leonid Kogan

Part I: It is important to internalize this info and own it in order to get your book in the hands of people who need it. This is a road map for getting an ROI of the time and money invested in writing and marketing your book. Part II: Contains a lot of new terms and concepts that need to be reviewed and studied. It is not learn at a glance material but requires time, at least for me, to digest and retain so that I can apply it.

by Mel Erickson

Everything you need to get up and running with Amazon Ads.

by justin turner

by Anna Carstensen

by Louisa Emerson

I really think that this is the only course I need for AMS advertising, in that it's clear, well presented and not overwhelming. I will be using it as a my basis for all my AMS campaigning in the future. I bought Publisher Rocket a few months ago and now don't feel scared about using it. Thank you.

by Jo Chumas

Clear. Concise. Effective. This is the most helpful advice I've found to date on getting up to speed with my Amazon book marketing. If this doesn't work for you I don't know what would.

by Trevor Womack

Motivating and informative. Information is spot on for doing Amazon book advertisements and getting the most out of them. I watched more than once in order to soak up the loads of info given so succinctly.

by Dana Glossbrenner

The course was easy to follow, the layout clear and the information given in a combination of personal presentation and Powerpoint slides. The details were not overwhelming, but rather a great introduction for those looking into placing Amazon ads. The examples were both for fiction and non-fiction titles, and the screenshots of the AMS dashboard were handy to compare to my own. I can recommend it.

by Cathie Dunn

Looking forward to earn great tips for the sale of my new book .

by Chetana Ojha

Sit back and get your notebook ready because Dave is going to give you a personalized tour through the thick and thin of AMS. He really takes his time in explaining all the details that you need to know to get started, and offers a handful of expert tips throughout the course. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is interested in AMS for whatever reason. -Austin

by Austin Ring

This course was so informative, clear and precise. I learnt so many great things that I can take away and put into effect. Far better than some paid courses and filed with the knowledge that I have always received from Dave from the years of following his kindlepreneur site. I really hope to do more course of Dave's!

by Charlene Antrobus

You might want to fix the two typos in this quiz. I can show you them, if you'd like.

by Michael Rush

The course is segmented into bite-size chunks that make watching comfortably within concentration limits. It is well-presented. Most importantly, especially for a newly published author like myself, it is absolutely essential to understanding the Amazon/KDP marketing process.

by James Gault

I thought this course was excellent. I learned a great deal from this.

by Israelin Shockness

Nothing on the planet can take the sting out of the arduous process of building keywords for Amazon, and taking care not to do anything stupid. But Publishers Rocket is an exception in terms of how much faster the process can be with its built-in panels and the fine tutorials that come with the program. Highly recommended.

by Laura Belgrave

FANTASTIC - simplified lessons esp for a new author! Dave has excellent communicative skills and anticipates in depth what customers are in search for and the issues they may face in their AMS journey. Videos are short and more importantly relevant as at August 2020, there are summarized notes to refer to. Can't go wrong, very easy to understand. :)

by R K

Great info that I will be using. Instruction is clear and easy to follow. Gave me way more information, ideas, and skills. I will be referring back to videos.

by Teresa Brott

The first course ever for the first ever campaign with Amazon Ads. I can't wait to implement the knowledge and see the amazing results.

by Huma Z. A.

Learning with Dave is a great experience. Case study, details, humour and jokes, everything works! Author and instructor myself, I learned a lot. Merci beaucoup :-)

by Olivier Rebiere

This has been a great resource to get me started with amazon advertising. Dave moves through the content at an excellent pace. I love that lessons aren't too long but are loaded with valuable insight!

by Alix Greenhill

This was a fount of information. I would have beat my head against the payment for years before I was able to come up with this information. And I probably still wouldn't have found it. I can't wait to put this information into practice. Once I put what I have learned in practice I'll be glad to come back and report results.

by Marie Francois

This course give clear understanding of the Amazon Advertising Dashboard.

by Ermelinda Makkimane

I've done a lot of online, video training on all the platforms, search engines, social media, etc. This is without a question the best of all of them in the way Dave delivers it. Perfect presentation from understanding, starting, setting up, the details that really matter, to the end with the stat analysis, the testing, and improving results. Highly recommend if you are planning to sell a book/ebook on Amazon. The best.

by Brad Hedgecorth

How to get more out of amazon.. nicely presented And how tp approach amazon adds. The important points are :Knowledge + experience + dedication=Skill development, which is more important. Overall it was an excellent one.

by Narendra kumar Verma

The text was extremely well drafted and delivered with a lot of clarity and deftness. Learnt a lot from it!

by sangeeta gupta

So far it's great. I'm through to section two and am looking forward to the specific strategies coming up.

by Christopher Watson

This course is excellent even for those who are non techy-I would class myself as such. I have often thought that I should be a Beta tester for any computer based course /set up etc., because if i can do it anyone can. this course passes all those tests.

by Glenn Salter

by Abhishek Kushwaha

Really very helpful this course on ADS! I followed it carefully. There are so many practical examples that it is impossible not to understand. It explained very well. As a foreigner, I had to cover several times some parts because I spoke quickly and I could not grasp the concepts that are really fundamental. I’d like to take other courses if you do. Thanks

by Manuela Salvadore

For years, I've wanted something like this to help me understand how to use AMS without spending $600 on some people's courses. Thank you so much. Super helpful!

by Gaby Triana

I love the fact that each video is straight to the point unlike other courses I have taken which give time consuming back stories or what not. It is also very well explained which is perfect for me since I'm an analytical y systematic person.

by David Castillo

Crisp, clear and concise. Great. Thanks.

by Avinash C

By following the suggestions in this course you can create Amazon ads that will get your book in front of thousands of people. And if the book still isn't selling, he will tell you how to fix that. It is a great beginners course, and even experienced advertisers can probaba=ly pick up a few good ideas here


by LaBena Fleming

I love this course. It's easy to follow along. I've learned a lot, even though I had already been doing a few Amazon ads. And Publisher Rocket is a must.

by Laura Freeman

Good course, Dave explains systematically what you need to do to set up Amazon Ads that are profitable. There is quite a lot to learn so I like the way the course is broken into small chunks. The guide to the advertising report data is very useful.

by Susan Johnson

As a new author myself I've been struggling to get visibility for my books. It seems as though the industry is set up to be virtually impenetrable to anyone not already represented by a major publishing firm. Indeed even with a publisher authors are responsible for a considerable amount of their own marketing. Dave Dave Chesson's course course Provides an extremely clever strategy, powerful tools, and step-by-step instructions to make them work together. I highly recommend it it is absolutely brilliant.

by Mark Carey

Excellent advice

by Janina Clarke-Potter

Wonderful...but this old goat needs to do it all over again. (Not because it's not wonderful. But because I am a 78-year-old memory and technically challenged old fart! Idea for Dave: People like me would pay good money to have you or a trained assistant do advertising promotion for us! Please consider it. You wouldn't need to do it, but your trained assistant would do it! I have two email address and one blocks your emails. That one that is blocked is The one not blocked is

by john lundgren

by Ashok Singh

Easy to understand and pragmatic in its presentation and application for an author. I enjoyed the structure, flow and practical examples.

by Bruce Prins

I wish I had taken this course before advertising on Amazon. My first ad campaign went nowhere. Now I know why and can make sure it doesn't happen again.

by Scott Williams

by Mona More

by Eliel Mizrahi

by Dr Maya modi

I loved the focused advice, the very visual delivery and the option for either watching a video or reading the material. Dave Chesson shows that he understands how to teach detailed material to a variety of learners.

by Shelley Carney

This course is amazing! I learned so much ... I was trying to navigate amazon advertising pretty much in the dark until I took this course. There are lots of detailed modules that build on each other, so really great for the novice. Also good for people who have some experience as Dave clearly indicates where people may want to move ahead to the next module. So many great tips and tricks are offered throughout the course. I am really looking forward to putting everything I've learned into action.

by Anna Di Misa

Lots of information but presented in a clear and logical manner. I found it very interesting and helpful and think most authors would agree. It's worth spending time with Dave as you're sure to pick up some great ideas.

by Ed Kardos

As someone who tried and failed at AMS the first time around, I wish i'd watched this sooner. The reality of Keywords and how to find them is bigger than i anticipated. Very likable presenter and easy to watch. Love how you can speed up the video (Super fun at 2x speed lol). Would suggest others to watch as well. I would definitely purchase the app if it was a bit more affordable for me. As a new self-published author, it's hard to justify spending extra for a tool. It is very useful, however when you're already investing so much... it's just not feasible for everyone.

by Tania Stephanson

Nice, simple, succinct, precise and easy to understand. But the illustrations need to be more conspicuous. Can I get the full text of this course?


Excellent course. Very informative and easy to understand.

by Phil Swann

Complete and clear and free! It there's been a request for a contribution at the end, I'd have been willing. OK. it is promoting the Rocket software, which I bought.

by David McCracken

Very Informative. The best course to date I have found. Thank You!!!

by Lukes Morgan

excellent over view

by Santhosh CV

This course is perfect to learn how to do advertisements on AMS. It's easy to understand and to build own adds after seeing/reading all parts of the course.

by Alex Sefrin

Good course with lots of information. Some folks are naturally gifted with sales and marketing. Sadly, I'm not one of those folks. Hopefully, this course will help me out.

by Catalina Capri

I've reached the end of Part Two of the course. The videos are short, breaking down the material into comfortable chunks. Dave Chesson's delivery is engaging. He explains the ins and outs of setting up and monitoring an ad campaign clearly.

by Malcolm J. Wardlaw

by Mr.kamlesh jain

by Sharon Perpignani

Excellent, in-depth course and well worth the time spent.

by Sonya Sargent

by Victoria grace

One of the best courses as far as good explanations and hands-on real-life examples and practice. Easy to follow and track your progress. I love the quizzes and summary notes too. A really great job overall.

by Claissa Payne

Thanks for doing a great thing - sharing valuable info and amazon ads tricks with us!

by Elena Miro

Since this is free, worth every penny doesn't fit -- but if you calculate your time as money, this was WELL worth the investment. I came in with a general knowledge of AMS ads and am working on beginning my advertising for the first time. I came away with a better, clearer overall knowledge and several key points I did not yet know. This is an excellent resource for the person new to AMS ads.

by Paula Adler

This is a great course, an eye opener. thanks for the course

by Daniel Gidi

by Jose Bonavita

I have been publishing with Amazon since long, with four books already out and one on its way, always wandering what I could do in order of improving my presence. So much so that I recently decided to get serious about understanding how it really works. I have searched the internet for tips and eventually decided that the subject is too complex and that I needed help. Unfortunately this realisation coincided with the explosion of the current "Panicdemic" and I lost overnight all of my income as a photographer specialising in accommodation and hospitality. My buying power suddenly has plunged down to zero. I made the effort of investing in a couple of packages, cutting on some other essentials, and ended being sorry to realise that after lot's of bla bla bla they hadn't really taught me anything but were only a lengthy intro to the most expensive course in the series. Then I accidentally discovered Dave's course. I immediately thought ° here is another sham ° and kept going after the first video waiting for the catch... Well, there is no catch! I found this course the best thing ever happened to me since the start of this interesting year. Dave is extremely clear in his presentation, he goes straight to the mark with obvious great experience and incredible ability to communicate his deep knowledge. Once got to the fifth part and conclusion of the course I realised that for the first time I actually understand how it works and I feel that Dave has actually given me the tools to actively take the lead in controlling the presence of my books in Amazon. I will long be morally indebted to him. Thank you.

by Pasquale Palmieri

A brilliant one-stop-shop for everything relating to KDP. Highly recommended.

by Libby Kalis

For anyone new to AMS, this is a great introduction. Simple and easy to understand.

by Pam Garcia

Kindlepreneur has such amazing resources. It is making publishing through Amazon so much easier than it would otherwise be. Thank you and well done! Well worth my taking my valuable time to go through these resources. I feel like the information you give is timely, up to date and important. I trust you, so will be purchasing your Publishing Rocket software too. Keep up the great work and again, many thanks!

by Melanie Panagiotopoulou


by Barbara Vannoy

Great information! It really helped me see what I need to do to be successful in my marketing efforts. Thank you!

by Robert Day

Dave Chesson's instructions are clear, well-paced, and logically organized. The visuals are helpful. And the overall instruction takes what might be an overwhelming topic and breaks it down into manageable, understandable sections.

by Chantilly Park

If you are just getting started as an author and don't know a thing about advertising on Amazon, this is for you. The course is detailed and thorough, presented clearly, and now that I've finished it, I feel ready to set up my book selling campaigns on Amazon.

by Nina Atwood

All aspects of developing, placing, and managing ads were covered. I'm going to go back through some of the sections because a lot of material was presented.

by Phyllis Valdez

A very logical, thorough, easy to understand, well-structured course with a pleasant narrator. Even I, who had already set several Amazon Ad campaigns before, learned new things. Btw, I'm not a native English speaker. I'm from Bulgaria.

by Paul Devereaux

I learnt quite a lot from this course; it was logical, well planned and I am looking forward to putting that new found knowldege into action soon.

by Robyn Bell

by Ivona Romanek

anybody want to know about ams ads its good free course

by Avneet sahni

High quality course where you will learn a lot on how to run amazon adds that work

by Chris Peterson

I feel like I need to go back and review. There's so much to process. It's really more useful than an expensive course I've taken. I went through some of this course a couple years ago before I bought Publisher Rocket. (It was KDP Rocket back then.) It's hard to get enough keywords when you do it "by hand." Nevertheless, my ads worked...for a while. I didn't have the energy to do it all over again and stopped running ads. Now that I have Publisher Rocket and a deeper catalog for both of my series, I look forward to trying Amazon ads again.

by Frances Gross

Clear and concise. Acronyms quickly explained. (Other courses I've taken use acronyms without explanation first. I spend the first 15% of my time trying to translate, and only later try to learn the lesson. Good job!)

by James Cole

Dave and his team crafted an excellent course that broke down the AMS process into easy to understand steps. The pacing was great and nothing was too overwhelming. Great job!

by Craig Chavis Jr.

I've learned a lot of things... now the challenge begins and I've to show myself that I got it

by Gabriele Marchingiglio

Informative, easy to understand, and so helpful.

by Steve Pratt

I'm getting ready to publish book one in a series, and I have been listening to a lot of training courses. However, whether I'm listening to a Podcast of reading a post on a author's website, people speak in acronyms, and "ad" jargon, that I simple don't know what they are talking about. In this course, thank you David, he started with the basics and went up from there. Now, I have a very good, overall understanding of the big picture. Excellent-Great Job. Thank you!

by Sharmyn McGraw

Thanks, Dave. Another generous contribution of your knowledge, talent and experience to indies.

by Walter Danley

The best you can get for FREE if I were Dave this course would go up to atleast 97 dollars is easy high ticket value course for FREE grab the opportunity now before it becomes paid just subscribe now!!!!!!

by Adrian Fernandes

Clear, easy to follow, great information. Great teaching.

by Tony Ceballos

by Daniel Ford

I found it really helpful. The instructor communicated technical parts in an easy way. Most of the content helps in designing profitable campaigns with workable techniques.

by Irfan Nawaz

I learned a TON from this course. So much valuable information, and in terms even I (a novice) could understand. Thank you!

by Jean Alfieri

by luis pelayo

The sequence for setting up ads with Amazon is direct. The explanations sort the amount of information into comprehensible bites. Easy to locate any sections which one wants to review. (I know that is something I shall be doing.)

by penelope merrell

This course is jam-packed, full of vital information for book marketing. Thanks to Toby Neal for introducing it to me.

by Momi Robins-Makaila

This is awesome. It's not only clear, concise and comprehensive, Dave also shows how you can be creative and intuitive when analysing what a book is about in order to begin the process of building your 200-300 keyword list. It is an AMS Masterclass!

by kit James

I would recommend this course to writers publishing on Amazon. Dave Chesson presents the whole ad process from beginning to end in a concise, excellent way.

by Daniel Nign

Cover's everything. Easy to understand of follow. Good theory and practice.

by Dave Perry

by Melissa V

Clear, precise and interesting videos and Notes. I learnt a lot, thank you :-)

by David Griffin

All videos are super exciting and load with a ton of information. Love to watch again and learn more. Thanks

by Richa Yadav

This course is well-presented. I feel I have the tools to go forth and start advertising (and monitoring/adjusting appropriately) with confidence, knowing I have avoided future mistakes I would have made, if I hadn't taken advantage of this free course. Dave Chesson is professional and personable.

by Marie Connolly

The course was so well thought out / AWESOME! I LOVED the quizzes which reinforced the learning! David is so articulate / eloquent in his presentation… SIMPLY AMAZING!

by Bel Esprit

This program was very informative and helpful. Gave me a lot of good information to follow step by step.

by Gerard Grogans

by Robert Peterson

Amazon book marketing is opaque and counterintuitive. Without a guide, there's no way to navigate the marketplace successfully. Amazon Advertisements for books gives amazing insights into what an author really needs to do to effectively market her book. Thanks!

by Pat Driscoll

When I first started entertaining the idea of going the Indie Pub route, I listened to every episode of Dave's podcast. This led me to eventually buy his KDP Rocket software, which, I feel 100% confident, is what helped me get listed at #1 of the Amazon's Hot New Releases in my category! Now, I'm ready to tackle ads, and where do I turn? Kindlepreneur, of course!! This course is a-maze-ing. I feel so much calmer and better prepared for what lies ahead. I've been procrastinating on getting an ad campaign started. I wish I'd taken this course BEFORE I hit publish. It really didn't need to be a big deal. Thanks again for your generosity to the Indie pub community, Dave. Your work is always next level, and it is deeply appreciated!

by Dair Brown

A whole lot to remember andvery important info for advertising.

by harriett randall

This course helped me understand Amazon Ads and simply it. The lessons are clear and easy to comprehend.

by Lorelei Scott

by Jessica Speck

Will recommend

by Rick Duffy

clear and concise

by andrew fox

Everything you need to know about creating Amazon ads with lots of resources to help you.

by Helene Minto

I love using Rocket for all of my Amazon ad work. It saves precious time and does a deep dive 100x better than we could manually. Priceless.


by Christopher Meeker

This course was so on point. Thank God I had to go through it. Learnt a lot from it. Thanks Dave for this amazing course .

by Hannah Kehinde

This presentation of this course is nothing short of excellent and its simple style of explanation makes it very easy to follow, understand and remember.

by Jenel Gaskin

The course covers everything that you want to know about using AMS ads to sell a book. I kept notes and I probably will want to do the course again to refresh my memory.

by rachael goldberg

When used in conjunction with Publisher Rocket, this is an excellent way to dip one's toe into the Amazon ocean and get started. After playing with Rocket and taking this short course, I felt much better informed and I was less intimated by the whole process of setting up an ad campaign.

by John Floyd

by Michelle Dalton

Covers things I never even thought about or were aware of being out there

by B Dianne McQueen

Absoulty dislike marketing but this course helped me understand what I need to do to get results. There is light at the end of the tunnel now.

by cathy chapman

by franchesca Sellden

I really couldn't recommend this course enough. Admittedly not knowing anything about Amazon Ads, I tried applying my knowledge of Facebook Ads on them. Except they don't work the same way- so my first campaign: 0 sales. Then I followed the course, and had my first couple sales within a few hours of applying what I learned- specifically the gems on keyword targeting. So much time and frustration (and money) saved!

by silvia cosma

I learned a ton from this.

by drew nwobodo

by Michele Sims

by Clark Carneal

This is an excellent course, and I got the Rocket. My fellow authors swear by it as it frees up so much time to write.

by Peggy White

This course covers the basics of Amazon ads, so for a newbie like me, I found it very insightful.

by Yusra Ali

Very interesting and informative.

by Nuala Coombs

by Shahid Mahmud

I love this course thus far. I've always been intimidated by AMS ads and have hired other people to set them up, but now I'm learning how to do it, and I feel so EMPOWERED!!! AND... Dave is a really great teacher!

by Tamara Cooper

by Caroline Muntjewerf

I really liked the way the course was structured with texts and videos. it put you in control from the start. Dave Chesson's voice is crystal clear. His timing in the delivery is of a high standard. I found the course interface is great! Summary, I was impressed as it was a great course that I got for free. I enjoyed the lessons and learned a new topic. I did not fall asleep or lost concentration at any time during the lesson. I found the quiz at the end of each part as fundamental for any learning process. It keeps you in check. I wished that some of the questions are a bit more challenging. Well done!! Remy / Surrey (England)

by Remy Zaouche

by Kathy Burford

by Robert Craig

by jazmin gonzalez

by Joerg Puphal

Great course, I highly recommend it to any book author or publishing company that searching to sell more book copies. Amazon advertisement is not that expensive and useless that I told before when you know what you are doing.

by Jul S.

by Thomas DePaoli

I enjoyed the course and it was very useful as well

by Ricardo gonzalez

Awesome Content and Awesome Instructor!

by Ahmed Simo

by Ricky Corum

All though I am overwhelmed with the complexity of this whole process, Kindleprenure is making me understand, part by part.

by Kenneth Morgan

by Mohammad Bdrnh

The simple terms used in explaining made it easy to understand

by Charity Yisa

The course was complete, clear and helpful. I truly recommand it to any author.

by Laurence Beaudry

by Micah Harris

I learned so much from kindlepreneur. Dave is organized, concise and thorough. He's not all over the place like the folks on youtube who are advocating the same thing. Also, with him, I actually able to follow what he's saying and I'm not confused! Love it!

by Mai Larson

by huda ali

Superb course on AMS for KDP loved the whole presentation and the transparency. Others would charge hundreds for this course. Thanks

by JIM R

This is a very informative course with much to review as so much material is covered. Dave's style is his best asset which is friendly, professional and very much appreciated

by Robert Lehmann

I have been using Amazon Advertising for a long time, but this course taught me so much. Great course.

by Arlene Miller

I wonder why a highly resourced course like this is free! This is a course that explains things to a newbie like me. Great work and I would encourage everyone to do it before creating ad. Thanks to kindlepreneur

by Isaac Agbedam

advanced amazon book marketing course.

by Ravi Parmar

As a beginner in self-publishing, I found this course highly accessible and easy to follow.

by Alana Timms

Every question, concern, and misunderstanding I had about advertising on Amazon was covered in this course. It is extremely valuable for someone new to marketing Amazon books, and I suspect even old hands at it would learn some new tricks. I've never found such a generous free course before and am very grateful for it. The author has a product for sale that truly does help make the whole process less painful, and is so well worth the price that I've seldom been as happy to fork over the money for an app.He also tells you exactly how to accomplish manually the things his app does for you, if you happen to be someone with lots more time and patience available than money.

by Mary Konczyk

Highly recommended course for beginners

by Amol Wakchaure

by Mostafa Salah

Great overview of how to select Amazon categories and keywords to maximize impressions and get clicks. I'm excited to create my first amazon ad.

by Kristen Bottger

It was by recommendation that I took this course and I'm so glad I did. I've been trying to get my head around AMS for ages by reading articles and watching YouTube videos but nothing quite clicked. I was about to buy a shed load of books to try out but took a gamble on this course. I've now got pages of notes to go away with and use for my ads. I really liked that Dave didn't constantly mention Publishing Rocket but also showed other ways to do it. A lot of people who have software or books use these free courses as transparent adverts which is a turn off. The fact that Dave did show how to do it the long way proved he knew what he was talking about and wasn't trying to flog his software. I just missed out on the discount code(my fault for delaying my start of the course) but I am now going to purchase this software. Can't wait to see what other courses Dave has.

by sophia stone

by Nazrul Islam

I am really surprised of such huge amount of knowledge inside this course,many tips and tricks provided for Free, and your Software"Publisher Rocket" is really helpful,and I am not regretting when I bought it......Thank you Dave you are a genious

by Said SBAIHI

Doing my own ad campaigns to sell more books on Amazon always freaked me off. Till I worked through Amazon Advertisements for Books. Or is one of the best courses on book marketing I ever encountered.

by Siegfried Stoll

wonderful course the author knows the materials well.and lectures them very well

by Zvi Rozenblit

Very in depth class on advertising for kdp.

by crown A

I really learned a lot in this class. I like that I can come back and see the videos in the future if I need a refresher. Having both visuals through videos and written notes with each step made it an easy learning environment.

by Amanda Feyerbend

Very thorough and useful!

by Don Mulford

A course you will learn a ton from. Dave gives a lot of information and actionable steps to improve your ads and sales. A must take.

by Marshaun Olaniyan

Great job, Dave Chessen. I have now finished the full course and am amazed it is free because I got so much useful information out of it. Dave's strategy sections are particularly useful.

by John Aberle

Really helpful and insightful. Why is this free??!!

by jeremy rankins

After spending a couple hours with Dave's course and Publisher Rocket, I now have a solid gameplan. If I didn't already own Publisher Rocket, I would have 100% purchased it to go along with this course. If you value your time do yourself the favor.

by T M

Dave is an excellent presenter, he delivers the information in a clear and concise manner without wasting time. - in fact, the info is so useful, and actionable, I was able to have ads up and running before the course ended. I even made a few sales! And I feel confident by implementing more of the strategies Dave explained, I will continue to make more sales - or at least know where I'm going wrong and plan how to fix it. Thanks Dave!

by Kura Carpenter

As a recently published Indie author, I found this course to be very helpful in understanding the basics of AMS advertising, and HOW to maximize your chances of success using AMS. As usual, Dave Chesson's articles on publishing methods and tactics, cover the ground in a clear, factual and easily understood way. Keep up the good work Dave! I personally found this course to be "right on the money!". Christopher Skinner Auckland New Zealand

by christopher skinner

I like that everything is well structured in a simple and logical way. Thank you, Dave, for sharing all this information.

by Carter B24

by Charm Harris

LOTS of information presented in short, easy to follow, lessons. Breaks things down and simplifies what can be an overwhelming, frustrating, and terrifying experience. Awesome course!

by T.S. Mos

I've read a lot about Amazon marketing through other books, courses, blogs, etc. This is by far the clearest explanation of how the AMS system works, why it works this way and what you can do actually create ads that give the best shot at a good ROI. I highly recommend this course. BTW, Dave Cheeson does a great presentation job!

by Garry Rodgers


by Curt Weeden

As someone who has yet to discover the secret sauce of making real money off my part time Sci-Fi writing habit this course really brought the potential home. Now, that I'm semi-retired I'm going to dive into the challenge of making that real money with the help of what I learned from Dave while enjoying the fiction writing craft.

by Michael Foy

I have no success in selling my books. Only because I didn't know what I was doing. I do now.

by Kenneth Harrell

by Elçin Harmancılar

As someone new to AMS, this course has been very helpful. I now know enough to start and manage my ad campaigns. The course is also very visually pleasing and does not overwhelm with tons of details. Great job!


Couldn't get through this without you. Thanks. Some of the YouTube videos and books I've been through made ads seem so easy (and would make money easily.) This course is so much more realistic and interesting. Thanks, too, for KDPRocket. Wow!

by Bob Camden

This is good information to know before you start your article or book as you want to be putting the keywords in the right place while you are writing as it saves you time later.

by Jill Whiting

i can't believe this course is free thank you so much

by brown smith

This course was very insightful. The videos were detailed and thorough, however, some were quite lengthy and I would recommend shorter bites for better digestion.

by yanique grant

by Wendy Andrews

Awesome course! Take it, it's worth it! Thanks Dave!

by Cosmin Onofrei

Thank you Dave for this super course on Amazon Marketing Services. I've just completed day two. The information you offer would have taken me forever to learn on my own----no, strike that----I wouldn't have actually got the marketing right at all. Thank you again.

by Carryn Kerr

by Carryn Kerr

The Publisher Rocket tool is exactly what I needed. Fantastic to find a lot of keywords and also the Competition Analyzer is very interesting. I work with it on a daily basis and enjoy what I learn. I am also happy with the German part as I am going to publish my book in the German language as well. Thank you very much! Marjo

by Marjo Horn

by Valerio Giannico

very insightful and helpful

by kevin bates

People are SELLING the same information Dave gives away free in this course. (And it's better for the most part than the paid ones.)

by Andrew Delaplaine

by Debbie Mumford

If you want to use your advertising dollars wisely, learn what works best before you start advertising. This program teaches you all the best ways. I highly recommend it.

by Ricki McCallum

I have a publisher that has placed my book on Amazon. I have had no idea about how the book is advertised. Learning about Amazon ads is fascinating [and I might add an eye-opener].

by Vickie Dinsmore

by Ka-ho Wong

I loved this course. The lessons are thorough, digestible, and easy to follow. His information is superb - the case studies and examples he uses are spot on. Dave Chesson is the real deal and I highly recommend you check this course out.

by Jeff Davis

Adding the right keywords to Amazon ads and taking note of the "clicks" is a measure of how successful one's ads are. Learning how to structure ones dashboard helps to focus on the important and profitable numbers. Great learning experience - thank you, Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur.

by preller geldenhuys

Really enjoyed learning about keywords. Thank you for sharing this information. I am buying your product now.

by Elizabeth Letcher

by Linda Chalk

English is not my language and my level is a little low, but you speak so clearly that I can understand this course. Thank you!

by David Fortino

Easy to understand. Very logical progression of material.

by Dan Dwyer

Dave Chesson took me through the complexities of the Amazon Marketing Services process. His approach and presentation were methodical and inspirational, especially his exhortation to gain knowledge, experience and apply dedication, with the end result being increased skill development. I really enjoy the writing process, even when it's most challenging, but haven't got down to the business of marketing my books until now. If anything gets me through the complications of Amazon's marketing services it will be this course. Here goes...!

by Ron Middleton

Amazing job, Dave always communicate clear message, it's all great and I definitely recommend this course to everyone.

by Lucie Sidlova

Very clearly presented set of why and what to do steps for the novice to understand clearly. Very easy to pause and go back if necessary, excellent.

by Andy Sinden

Step by step videos and resources to refer to again and again.

by Cassandra Arnold

Thank you Dave Chesson for this amazing course. It was so informing, well structured, and interesting that I stayed up until 2 AM to finish it. I have to admit that I have made most of the mistakes that David gives as examples in this course, and thankfully now I have the tools to fix them. After completing this course I realized that I had been using Publisher Rocket at 20% of its capacity. I will not be making that mistake again! I highly recommend it to anyone selling books on Amazon.

by Diana Dihel


by John Hickman

I have the Kindle rocket and it does make things a lot easier once you learn how to use the program. I appreciate the helpful videos which guides me through the process.

by Lisa Murphy

David has done an amazing job in showing a simple yet powerful way of MAKE AMS a big success. I'm even more grateful he has made this course for free its easily worth $999 and more

by Nader Sabry

wonderful and empowering stuff

by Oteng Montshiti

The videos and informational text were thorough, comprehensive and not overly long so that they gave participants what they needed without bogging down in too much detail. I would highly recommend this course.

by Martin Humphries

4.5 stars. This is the second time I've been through Dave's excellent course on Amazon ads and it's been updated and contains a ton of information on every aspect of running profitable ad campaigns. The only reason I can't give it 5 stars is the omission of KU reads as a major contributing factor to assessing overall campaign profitability. Other than that, it was a great course with all other aspects explained well.

by Chris Shaw

Very well done. Orgainzed, thorough, and practical. Every author who is serious about selling their books should take the course.

by E Jones

Easy to understand and comprehensive.

by Judith Cranswick

Everything you need to know to get started with Amazon Ads and then some. Easy to understand and implement. Loved it - thank you!!

by Emily Matthews

I already had some basic experience with AMS Ads - not a lot - about six months' worth and found the course very helpful. I highly recommend it for those considering AMS.

by Barbara Cipak

I am a brand new author and this course had helped me a lot, specially to understand how the utilize the Amazon Kindle platform.

by olga fajardo

This course is filled with quality information and no fluff, I'm loving it so far and can't wait to implement all the tips in my future AMS campaigns !! Thank you Dave👍🏻

by scarlett hope

For authors wanting to master Amazon ads, I can't recommend this course enough. I FINALLY understand how the Amazon ad system works, and I'm no longer afraid to try to run ads for my books.

by Pamela Beason

impressive and educational.

by obasemo bosede

by Richard Walker

This course is excellent; it walks you through the advertising process at your own pace. It is a must for everyone who wants to create successful sales ad. I highly recommend it.

by Michael Dewar

by Mel Sillmon

Best ams course ever

by ricardo acosta

Loving this course! There are so many ways you can go off the rails. This course breaks it down in ways a very non-technical person can understand.

by rusty knox

Very Good Concise Info on marketing with Amazon Ads.

by Stepehen Lefevers

The course is greatly structured, fun to follow up and goes to the point of the key topics on starting up with AMS. I followed your course in parallel to setting up my very first AMS Campaign for my book and am now with 3 sales and a 29% ACOS in only 8 days, with the tools and the knowledge for optimizing and scaling my campaigns, my book sales and more importantly, my business as an author, since having this "how AMS works" structure in my head is absolutely priceless for future books. My $97 investment in PublisherRocket has been a no brainer and super valuable one. I wouldn't have been able to set myself up in AMS so quickly without technology, and yours is useful and simple to use. Thank you. Thank you and congratulations for your highly valuable work. Cheers Jesús

by Jesús Hijas

Sweet and easy overview of how Amazon AMS works. It gave me a solid foundation from which to begin. Thanks!

by Michele Amitrani

by Tinney Heath



The course, the publisher rocket, and the tips and tricks involved are great! I 100% think this course is a requirement to anyone looking to improve their book sales.

by Cateline Isely

I like this course very much to come up with something better for you.

by Mahamudul Hasan

I think this is an amazing product.

by Roger Essue

This is the first course on AMS ads..... I bought different courses in publishing, but no one goes into detail as Dave Chesson did. Thank you very much. God bless you.


by Karlo Tasler

Excellent in all areas. I am very happy with Dave's presentation. I really appreciate the fact that we can go back and replay videos.

by George Watson

Writing my first book, this series of tutorials helped me understand the realities of publishing it! Without it, I think my book would have been lost, now I am sure I have a chance to get noticed! Now i understand how to dig for the relevant information. Thank you for your generosity! Guy Giard

by Guy Giard

It is actually fun to learn with Dave. He's to the point, relevant and seems to honestly care that I learn. Thanks for all you share.

by Engel Jones

I hate, hate, hate, marketing and put it off for a very long time because I didn't want to face it, but Kindlepreneur made it easy. I now have a better understanding of how to set up and monitor my campaign. There are a ton of resources to choose from and refer to. This is a no-brainer decision to take this course. Found it recommended on Blue Ink and am so glad I did! You helped me get off on the right foot. I'm going to take some of the other courses because this one made it so easy to do AMS ad campaigns, I feel confident to keep going and marketing isn't so hard to face now that I have Dave on my side!

by Wendy Anderson

Insightful, interesting, no regrets!!

by Cynthia Fenyi

AMS advertising seemed insurmountable to someone like me--I'm creative, not technical. But the course was broken down into manageable bites and simple steps so I was able to get up to speed without tearing my hair out. Extremely helpful!

by Sally Wilson

A very straightforward and clear introduction to AMS.

by Fred Buffa

Very informative. Exactly what a beginner needs.

by Adam Smith

If you are a new indie author, you need to take this course. A lot of info and Dave is the expert.

by jim murphy

I liked this course very much, especially the short spurts of information; it made the learning process understandable and easier to absorb. I liked how Dave "popped in" from time to time to "visually hold our hands" but then showed the screens of "How To..." It was a "thoroughly enjoyable experience that literally opened my eyes to the possibility of my being able to do something I was afraid could be too daunting to be successful." I walked away thinking "I can do this!" In fact, I was surprised at just how BADLY I have misunderstood the real "science behind Amazon," yet Dave made it "approachable." This guy is someone who really seems to care about helping authors and doesn't appear always selling his goods. Simply fantastic!

by David Temple

The course has been well thought out. It allows you to work at your own pace. The information is clear and provided in an easy to understand format.

by Gene Poschman

This course was absolutely awesome.

by kiree young

The course was very well-paced and informative. I am probably an outlier, as I purchased KDP Rocket before I was aware of the video; I was sold on the concept without all the reasons for the purchase that are evident in the lectures/presentations.In general, very well done.

by Dick Carmel

Walking down this new path to ekindle publishing has become to me a reachable worthwhile goal in my life. Thanks to this easy to read and understandable course.

by Richard Greene

Dave Chesson has built a clearly structured and gracefully delivered course that reveals the levers and dials for crafting profitable Amazon Ads. I have been running Amazon Ads for 5 years now, but still got useful tips for what I can improve.

by Thomas D. Zweifel

I really enjoyed the Amazon Ads course. It was very easy to confront. It was very easy to understand and apply. I feel like I now know how to find relevant key words, use them in ads, targeted the right customers, bid and be a success! Thanks Dave! Best, Kim

by Juliet Wills

Dave Chesson gives you the details on how to do AMS book ads -- the foundations and bonus tricks (examples) anyone needs to have and use -- the exact step by step guide. The course gives is a fantastic build of knowledge and AMS foundation. Then as he said, it is up to you to use it. But knowing his knowledge will make using and applying it much less complex and successful. A stable platform to start doing it and build up to becoming a pro at AMS.


by Vineeth C V

Don't waste your time anywhere else. Dave is the man and the course is excellent. Plus, KDP Rocket is a real gem that reduces all the hard work in managing your campaigns. A real value.

by kirk jockell

by K.C. Julius

I wish I had bought it sooner. It taught me more, in a few hours, than all the fumbling I'd done trying to learn how to use AMS. Great tool and great online course.

by Mike Watson

This was a very well-organized, well-written, well-produced course that I've had the pleasure of gaining access to. It removes the mystery of the multiple components that are necessary to have a successful Amazon campaign. I'm looking forward to implementing the steps and researching some of the additional reading material Dave generously shared with his students. Well done, Dave! Peggy McKenzie Author of Western Romance

by Peggy McKenzie

I never heard of this before it is worth looking into.

by David Smith

A quick, in-depth, easy to understand course that will have you ready to start an effective Amazon ads in a few hours! My AMS ads have been ineffective lately and I now see why and how to make them better. I'm excited to overhaul my ads now that I'm equipped with these tools!

by josh chadd

Very informative

by Justin Meyer



I appreciate the effort he put into this and as a result I feel more comfortable running ads especially using Publisher's Rocket. Also like that he showed us how to run a successful ad without buying his software. However, Publisher's Rocket saves me so, soooo much time, that I can't imagine going back to the old way.

by Jamillah Warner

The course is broken down into very simple terms, making it easy to understand as well as very informative.

by Megan Irizarry

AMS ads are a black hole for beginners. Dave breaks the subject down into a simple, very well-constructed system, sharing complex info in a very digestible form. And all this for free, without heavy pressure to buy, buy, buy - but why wouldn't you purchase Publisher Rocket. It saves SO much time! Robyn Pearce, The Time Queen

by Robyn Pearce

I found this course very helpful. The couch made a very unclear topic at first glance, very understandable.

by Annie Blackwell

I tried to apply for "Ads Done for You." I clicked on the "Apply Now" button but the application form never showed up. Is it hiding?

by Thomas Holladay

by William Mott

I already have Kindlepreneur but knew I wasn't using it to the best of it's abilities. Dave's course is basic, methodical, and I feel is giving me a great start on using AMS ads.

by Marina Reznor

by Dave Kendrick

Dave is a great guy! His tool KDP Rocket, massive FREE database of knowledge and tips on self-publishing and TRUE DEDICATION to helping people create something valuable is inspiring. Highly recomended for anyone looking to self-publish

by NIck Ivanov

Despite being a free course, it provides all the necessary tools and techniques for a great Amazon advertisement for books. I would recommend to anyone who wants to use AMS to market their books to enroll on the course.

by Eliasu Muhammed

by Debiprasad Bandopadhyay

I definitely plan to recommend this course to other new authors because it was invaluable to me as a new writer who was terrified of tackling AMS ads. It explained so much in easy to understand lessons with a review section at the end as well. I feel much better equipped to delve into the AMS ad world, now. Thank you so much!!!

by Jenna Kattric

Dave Chesson does a splendid job of taking the author through the excentricities of Amazon's Marketing Services. I suggest you relax and listen to the video presentations all the way through, print off the reminder notes (no need to manually take notes) as you go, and then return to the nitty gritty stuff when building your campaigns. If you're going to take self-marketing seriously (and my publisher said that writing the book is the easy part, wait till you do the marketing) and you haven't the time to search for best keywords and categories for your campaign, then I do recommend purchasing Dave's 'Publisher Rocket' software - it saves hours of tedious work so that you can get back to writing. All-in-all, a truly worthy 5 star rating for the course.

by Chris Johnson

by john kelly

Excellent course where Dave breaks down the fundamentals of AMS ads. Practical advice on Advertising books on Amazon from the best Kindle expert I have ever seen

by Gregory Arana

by Guy Sloane

This is a thousand dollar course. I already attended more than 4 courses on KDP & POD but no one went through this details. Thanks

by Naba kishor Mohanty

Dave's explanation of the whole process from finding and selecting keywords to writing great copies and optimising ads for conversion is straight forward and simple. He is a great teacher and he did a great job of explaining it all. I recommend this course for everyone wanting to sell more of their books on Amazon.

by Adewale Olaore

The short videos that dive directly into the topics make it easier to understand and process the information presented.

by Andy Burns

by Phyllis Cross

Just completed the first part of this course, and it is much more than a "cute intro" that gets you excited about the course, although it is that too. But, additionally, it got me into the right mindset in moving forward. Additionally, it cleared up some misconceptions I had so helped get me more receptive to what's to come. :o)

by Rene Caro

I liked all of the information in the lessons. I am brand new at this. I am sure that if I continue with the lessons I will have this down in a couple of weeks. I have been trying to launch an ad campaign for months, what a learning curve. With Dave's help, I believe this will be a successful campaign. Jerry Reedy, Author

by Jerry Reedy

Made my first book, to reccognize, the world has not waited for it. This cours helps to understand how to change this.

by Genius Danilejko

...and I had a lot to learn! Logically presented, can return for review. I wanted to print the 'Notes and Resources' at the end of each module and, maybe it's me, but I couldn't get past the 1st pg of each module. Would suggest that process be made possible - and if it is - easier. I have Windows 10, and could not get past the first page of each "Notes and Resources' for printing. Otherwise, so helpful! PS If you really wanted to get that 5 star review, you could just email me the 'Notes and Resources' for the 5 modules and I could print them. Seriously. it really would help me a lot!!!

by Marsha shearer

I learned a lot about AMS advertising and use the techniques to promote my books. Thank you.

by richard martin

very interesting course I would like to download the course if possible. it takes a while to digest all of your ideas Jim

by James Calderwood


by Susan Flann

If you want a clear and concise breakdown of how to place, monitor, and adjust AMS book campaign ads, THIS is the course!

by Laurie Douglass - Wilson

Fantastic course with a great overview of AMS. The entire process explained in a nice course, about 4 hours long. Concepts are gone over in a good gradient, but quickly and simply. Not just a sales pitch, this is great content and a must for anyone doing AMS ads. Thank you Dave!

by Robert Whitt

by Laura Lascarso

by alfie Love

This is very detailed and in-depth. And I'm trying all the tips! Thanks, Dave!

by Katie Berry

This course taught me more in a few hours than I have learned in over a year of study and experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to sell more books.

by Marcus Dean

Great information from Dave, very useful which I will be starting to implement.

by Terence Slattery

by ripley proserpina

Excellent material. Organized and easy focollow

by Louise Behiel

Clear straightforward information. Very helpful. I usually have difficulty reading dashboards so the explanation is so important. I will have to go over it a few times for it to be very clear to me.

by Sally Baffour

Excellent - clear and understandable explanations and methodology for this SEO and AMS newbie! I love Dave's style of coaching and his voice is easy to listen to as well!


If you want to run Amazon ads for your books, do this course!

by Andrew Bryson

This course gave me the information I needed in manageable, understandable modules. Highly recommended!

by Peter DeHaan

This is just what I needed to understand Amazon Ads! Wish I had taken this before I tried an Amazon Add.

by Jacci Turner

This free course is chock full of info to take and run with. The content is going to be so useful to revisit as I set up and monitor ads, evaluate, tweak and get proficient. I really hope it works for me and my books - I have a very good feeling about all of this.

by Phyllis Smith

This cours is great for begginers or others, it's great.

by Youssef Nejjari

It looks a little bit less complicated than other ads

by Emmanuel Ogbu

I will watch it again when I actually have a book to sell!

by Edie Glaser

Very good

by Cheryl Hodde

This is a great course. Dave really is clear in his delivery of the material. I like the format with quizzes and an overview summary of the section. Really impressed.

by Don McKinnon

I really do believe that AMS is the way to go to see our sales soar. Dave is such a natural teacher and his AMS video course is something I can keep coming back to while I create my first couple of ads.

by liza carey

The information provided in this course includes the points that really matter. If you are going to make use of AMS, you will do better if you are clear about what it is meant to offer. This course provides this clarity.

by Andre Carvalho

by H Y

This Amazon Advertisements for books course is awesome. You learn a lot of tactics and tips !

by Justin Achat

This is exactly what I was looking, I'm glad I found it. Thanks Dave!

by Confidence Ishaka

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was done at a good pace. It was broken down into details. It had bullet points which was easy to grasp and remember. If you want to learn about AMS ads, this course is absolutely amazing!

by Jessie Cal

Very easy to follow and incredibly informative. The vast mystery of Amazon Ads and keywords are unlocked within.

by Paul Creasy

by Regina Frame

Picked up some tools on what I should be doing on my current campaigns. Thank you!

by I.M. Maynard

Kindlepreneur's Amazon Advertisements for Books is an excellent course. That fact that it's free makes whether or not to take the course a no-brainer. It provides a great foundation and beyond for finding your way around AMS and getting the most out of your Amazon ads. I highly recommend spending the time to take this course. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain! Traci Ison Schafer, Indie Author

by Traci Schafer



by liz stergis

by Carly Dana

I have dipped in and out of similar courses , mostly dipped out because they just got too complicated and techie...this course was not like that. Very detailed but we easy bite sized pieces of relevant information. Examples in both fiction and non fiction were particularly helpful. I have KDP Rocket anyway so know how impressive it is but this is the first time I've done this whole course, super helpful. Thank you

by dee palmer

Very good information delivered in a very well-paced style.

by Ruth Tappin

Very informative course!

by Glenn Maynard

Thanks a lot for setting up this course and giving it for free. I could immediately implement some changes in my Amazon ads. Loved your concise style.

by ma bo

I can’t wait to implement Dave’s advice, guidance and knowledge for my first main book launch.

by nick cox

The course so far is easy to understand because of the clear "common term" explanations. There is no techno speak. Thank you.

by Tom Preschutti

I am so grateful for this course - I've seen others offered for loads of money and have resisted. But this is amazing and comprehensive. Already I can spot loads of mistakes I made with my first go-it-alone campaign. Thanks Dave.☺

by jane coombs

by Hilary Grossman

I loved that this course was offered to study at my own pace. Some of the content I was familiar with, only because I've been in the business for awhile. But some of it was new, and I'm already building campaigns to put into practice. Thanks!

by Tracy Ruckman

Coming from a veteran high school teacher/writer, Dave is an excellent teacher and has the ability to break things down so anyone can understand. Highly recommend this course!

by Jennifer Yates

Very helpful!

by Rama Dona

What can I say except thank you! Easy to follow, easy to understand. Great bite-sized chunks of info. Can't wait to move to the next module. My 17-year-old nephew who is helping me (I'm making him my marketing manager) is eager to start AMS ads. He says it feels like he's about to play the stock market with Amazon LOL. And I agree! Maybe I'll teach him how to write so I can have all the fun! Great job Dave!!!

by Lucian Bane

Even for me, a foreigner and starter in the KDP-Business, it was extreamly helpfull to get my first books into the hands of readers after the campains Amazon provides. The Campains got the book in a range to be seen but still didn´t got sold enogh to stay in that ranks. The know how in this couse helped me to create AMS Adds that sell my book to have them stay in the ranks where there are seen and sold organicly (the average is 50/50) after aprox one month after the launching campains. Thanks o lot to Dave for this free but powerfull course :))

by Christopher Sperling

by Sebastien Richard

Dave presented tons of information for marketing books on Amazon. There’s a lot to learn and this course is the perfect place to start.

by janet vormittag

I highly recommend it and frankly, I was not expecting to find anything so thorough. I'm greatly impressed.

by Ian Roberts

Having just started this course as a new publisher and a newbie AMS this is just amazing and an essential part of going forward. Learning from the pros is teh best way. Plus also its lots of fun.

by Paul Rogers

by Natasha Swift

This course is spot on, very easy to follow and moves at a good pace! well done!!

by Cindy Shtevi

Conversational in style, and backed with notes, resources and quizzes, this course takes the newbie by the hand and leads them through the unfamiliar territory of setting up advertising campaigns for your kindle books. I feel a lot more confident now to give my books that extra push to get more eyes on them. An amazing amount of knowledge given for a course that's actually free!

by David Brodie

Everything you need to know to get started (and continue) with Amazon Book Ads. The perfect way to learn how to set up and manage an ad campaign, how to find and choose relevant keywords, how to tweak and improve campaigns, and much more. A really terrific course at a terrific price (FREE!). I'd recommend this to any author who wants to increase his book sales on Amazon.

by Chet Novicki

If you are self-publishing ebooks/paperback, you will need to advertise. This course will show you how to create campaigns from keywords, which will increase your ROI with Amazon advertisements.

by clyde jack

by nicola faieta

Very informative and helpful


I believe it gives very good ideas/strategies and methods of adverting your books on Amazon, to make profitable sales of books.

by Paul Reid

thank you so much for you effort.

by Hassane Hassani

There is so much to know about creating ads, from filling out the form to choosing what type of ad, and then how to get keywords and categories. This course has demystified the process. Dave does a wonderful job.

by Deborah Wallace

For someone who hitherto glazed over or fell asleep at the very mention of AMS, this was a revelation. I am now somewhat well informed and didn't yawn once throughout the entire course: On the contrary, Dave's delivery is concise, insightful, and charming. With the confidence to tackle that formerly dreaded dashboard, I highly recommend this course. Thanks!

by Janet Male

Although I'm only part-way through, I can see that this course is laying a solid foundation for the knowledge and skills I need to be successful at Amazon Advertising.

by Sue Rumsley

Lessons are in short chunks, which makes the information easier to absorb and remember.

by Andrea Ragan

I was so nervous to try Amazon ads. I've heard very conflicting stories about positive and negative experiences with them. However, after taking this free course, I am very confident that I can create and maintain profitable ads with Amazon ads!

by John Adams

Thank you for all the helpful information and tutorials. A very good course.

by yassine najih

Thanks a lot for sharing this information with us

by anna adams

There are lots of AMS courses out there but this one dives into more detail because Dave is an analyzer and he 'gets' algorithms so I now understand why my ads work (or don't) and how to optimize/improve.

by Taryn Bashford

by Sherif Guirguis

Although this is a free course, it delivers more value than many courses costing $50 or more. Dave takes us through everything we need to know when using AMS to market our books on Amazon. He not only knows his subject, but also how to put across the information so that it is easy to understand. The notes and resources, and the tests at the end of each part, complete the whole course perfectly. Highly recommended.

by Philip Gegan

I had tried one AMS ad that did zero. I was considering buying the kdp rocket program which I'm sure is great based on listening to Dave Chesson's podcast. But I was afraid I'd regret the expense. Having access to this free course on how to create, manage and analyze AMS ads gave me the confidence I needed to tackle an ad campaign again -- this time armed with kdp rocket!

by Mary Ann Tippett

by Daryl Anderson

Thanks for the great course👍

by Fargana Heydarova

I've been running Amazon ads for a couple of years- sometimes successfully, sometimes less so. Dave's course is hands-on and shows me how to do everything I've been wishing someone would spell out for me. A top-notch course.

by Rebecca Leach

Awesome good for the starter

by Bridget notebooks

by Jean-Pierre Piché

I enjoyed this course every step of the way. It exactly explains in detail the AMS KDP campaigns in an easy to follow format. Well done!

by Tess Sedlar

by Kitty Thomas

by Richard Powell

This free course has allowed me to re-kindle my AMS ads. I used to run these ads but paused them all because they simply weren't performing. This new course has allowed me to start some new keyword campaigns and have a better understanding on how to make them profitable. Thanks Dave!

by Wendy Owen

I found this course very helpful. I now feel confident that I can set up a campaign on my own and know how to monitor it. I definitely see the value of the Rocket mentioned and plan on purchasing it. The course was professionally made and very valuable. Thank you.

by Tirzah Hawkins

So grateful to have this primer and overview of Amazon Marketing Services. Dave teaches with clarity and accessibility — and breaks down a fairly complex set of choices into a fundamentally logical methodology. This course delivers excellent value. Highly recommended!

by TW Hawk

by Christopher Sarile

This is a really excellent introduction -- no, it goes way beyond a mere introduction -- to both get started on Amazon ads and continue to develop one's proficiency in using them to improve ROI. Even if one goes on to take other courses -- which are not free, by the way -- like Meeks Master Class or SPA's (Self Publishing for Author's) Ads for Authors, this is a firm foundation on which to build. This course is clear and practical, and Dave Chesson is a charming presenter.

by Richard Lane

I have been using AMS for over a year now, and your video class has given me lots of new insight into how to use the tool. I have also been a KDP Rocket subscriber and this course showed me how to use your program better. Thanks, loads. I have already used what I have learned and some of the books that I wrote two years ago are popping back up on Best Sellers lists on Amazon. I will be looking forward to the next course on how to sell more books.

by Ash Lingam

Brilliant course, I highly recommend it for anyone looking for ways to make money.


Seriously, I took this course in a day and implemented everything I learned. I am currently working on updating my book description, and my book cover, which I just learned is the reason why I was getting impressions and no clicks. Plus, the Publisher Rocket software saved me SO MUCH TIME with the keywords! This course should not be free! Truly amazing.

by Elenny Frometa

I have used KDP Rocket (Publisher) and Dave's first iteration of this course with great success launching my first two books. BUT this update of the course has shown me so much more about the essential methods to use in advertising for the best possible results. - Michael Knight . (Would be 10 stars if that were allowed:-)

by Michael Knight

Dave Chesson does an excellent job explaining the strategy in a pleasant informative manner.

by maggie jessop

by sp aa

by Ahmad Osman

Dave Chesson's course is spot on. Can't say enough good about this one! He takes you by the hand and calmly and thoroughly explains a difficult subject in a clear way. Love the follow up notes after each lecture, too!

by ingrid edisen

by Linette De Graw

This course gives you all the information needed to skill up and make some money with amazon ads. The lessons are easy to understand and take in within the first watch aswell.

by scott mcdowell

Nobody else can teach much detail other than Dave. Each lesson has review from the previous lesson, main lesson, and summary so that you can cohesively understand how things connect. I learned from nothing to everything. I am still learning by doing, however, I know I can come back to this course and find the specific topic I need for help. Dave knows what author/advertiser must know in ams! Thank you very much for your FREE course!

by Claire Hallinan

Clarity of presentation Well explained

by Nenita Shannon

Easy to understand, yet very thorough! I'm already advertising on Amazon and understanding what I'm doing! Dave knows what he's talking about. I'm looking forward to great success!

by Pat Fifield

After reviewing several key word “scrappers,” this appears to be by far the best and yields the most value for the cost! Great app.

by Carl Matlock

by Ian Patterson

The course was very easy to understand, very dinamic structure to put out in a very simple way all the tools!

by Karla Colmenarez

Wasn't sure what to expect from a free course online. Most of them are usually a little thin with information, and to learn what you really need to, you have to buy the book or the real course offered. Not the case with Kindlepreneur's Amazon Ads for Books. This course was so rich with info that I rewatched the videos in sections Three and Four to make sure I understood everything Dave explained. An excellent primer for setting up, monitoring, and improving on your ad campaigns through Amazon.

by Cathrene Gehue

This is a fantastic guide for any writer who wants to boost their book sales with Amazon advertising. Those not comfortable using the computer may have to review it a few times, but it's a great step-by-step instruction course.

by Linda Buechting

A lot of good information. Very watchable. I will be going through it again taking more notes as I start using Publisher Rocket.

by Vladamir Jones

I feel like my eyes have been opened. 200-300 keywords? Wow. The step-by-step approach taken in this course is very helpful. Plus as someone who writes in both fiction and non-fiction, I appreciated seeing examples from both of these overarching categories. I feel like there is so much information here that is left out of the usual book marketing articles. I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and spend some money if I want my current flat book sales to improve. One thing that was holding me back was not knowing HOW to create the ads, and the fear that I could be wasting my money just from ignorance. I'm pretty risk averse. Now I feel like I at least have reasonable instructions to follow. Thanks for making the information so accessible.

by Robyn Coburn

Although a bit outdated at the time of this review (end of 2019), the concepts and best practices taught in this course are spot on and will give anyone new to Amazon advertising a great start. And, best of all, the course is free.

by Amber Starfire

Generally when one is offered a "free" product it is a bare bones teaser to lead a prospective customer to buy something. That was not the case with David's course. Yes, he does mention the value of KDP Rocket (now called Publishing Rocket). But that isn't the intention of the course. As a novice self-published author, I did not choose to use AMS when I launched my book. Despite the brilliance of my writing (a decidedly biased opinion) I never got any visibility on Amazon and my sales were basically to friends, family and freebie Kindle folks. Not a big surprise, really. But thanks to David's course I've now learned a lot of how the game is played. I also bought Rocket, but that was before I found this course. Rocket, to me, was a superior product that I knew I needed to relaunch my book given my lack of time to devote to manual searches. David's course gave me the skills I need to learn to use to get my book to sell on Amazon. I can't wait to get started...again, and this time doing it right!

by William Paxton

by Charles Lambert

Dave is the best. Like is hair, everything he does is clean and tight!

by Joseph W. Naus

This is a great course. It's well delivered, engaging, and takes the mystery out of AMS for Authors. Highly recommended.

by Mary Cummings

Well thought out presentation. Professional in appearance and content. Informative and engaging. I am looking forward to the next section of

by ken sanford

Amazing info. Thanks!

by xaviee Clayton

I really appreciate the step by step process shown and the examples given which help to understand it even better.

by Lindy Cady

Absolutely great! Thank you, Dave!

by david gafson

When you want to get going on a project you ASK and EXPERT! Dave Chesson is the Expert that delivers the goods! Nothing held back; no pushy sales people, just the plain and simple truth about how to succeed. You need to take this course. You will learn alot - like I did - in a very short time. I am very grateful for Kindlepreneur! Just do it!

by Mariel Martin

Very good course. I highly recommend it. Dave and his team do a great job of delivering great value to their customers. I highly recommend anything that comes from Dave.

by Darren Mann

Love ir

by Alfredo Phipps

I learned so much from the course and immediately purchased Publisher Rocket. I discovered your information online by accident. So much information that I didn't know before, especially about the keywords. My ads have improved tremendously since discovering your course and free downloads. It helps me to navigate AMS, and I am much more confident. Thank you for all this valuable information, and I will recommend your services and products in the future. Happy customer.

by Karlene Pitters

by Jane Chan

Thanks for your help. This course gives you a helpful overview of what kdp is all about and really is a free course that does not waste your time but teaches you a lot of helpful things to get started with kdp ads. Deeply appreciated.

by Echt Good

I found the course interesting, informative and easy to assimilate. It was not unecessarily cluttered with too much detail. Pointers to follow up further detail was useful. An excellent course - so far.

by Margaret Holmes

I learned SO much through this course -- I can't believe it was FREE! It's worth the several hours of videos to learn what is taught, and I can't wait to start seeing success in my own campaigns! I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to create successful AMS campaigns that will result in more impressions, clicks and sales!

by Jennell Houts

Hi, On advice from a friend in a Facebook group, I took this course and learned a lot. Some of it is still a blur, but it was thorough and very well explained. I can't wait to try out the new information I learned on Amazon AMS. Thank you for putting together this course and coming up with Publisher Rocket, something else, I bought which I will use in my campaigns.

by Nizamuddin Ameerally

Great help. thanks Dave

by Sheri Hauser

Simple and love the tests to confirm you have learnt all the stuff

by Alex Alvarez

Despite having successfully made money writing online for several years, I came into this course with zero AMS experience, about to publish my first novel. It is obvious to me that Dave (and his team, I assume) have put a LOT of effort into making this course professional and top notch. I'm leaving the course feeling absolutely prepared to take my niche by storm and kill it with amazing ad campaigns that deliver readers to my incredible work of fiction. I've taken a lot of online courses, and Dave could probably be selling this for several hundred dollars. But it's FREE!!! I don't know why he's doing it. But Dave, you're the man. Cheers!

by Jack Dolinar

by Rae Rollins

I have been writing and publishing a few books for awhile, but that was the easy part. Learning how to market them has been the serious learning curve. This makes my publisher rocket so much more useful. Thank you. The videos and the quizzes are super helpful.

by Kerri Gregory

Gone are the days of books hitting the bookstore with a plethora of support people. Dave's course has left this first time author empowered to wade into the fray. Thanks for the playing-field-leveling access (free) to invaluable information.

by Deborah Bova

This training was just the right amount of information to give me the tools and the confidence to dig in. The pace was spot-on and the instructor's ability to convey the information was exceptional. This isn't an easy subject matter for most authors, but all of this made sense. I know I will be back when/if I need more assistance once I get things rolling on the relaunch of my book.

by Anne Kruse

I read half of Brian D. Meeks eBook "Mastering Amazon Ads" and he never did get around to providing a clear description of what these Ads we're. Thanks for clarifying at the beginning as Meeks should have done.

by John Thom

I am self-publishing my first book and this course gave me more than keystroke instructions - David provides guidance, strategy and options that helped me get well on the way to mastering this critical part of the self-publishing process. If you want your book to reach people, understanding how Amazon works along with how you can impact the process is key. Thank you!

by Valerie Quinata

I absolutely love this course. It's been extremely helpful for me to create an ams add. The explanation is remarkably good. I absolutely love this course and I have amazing feeling for my future ads. I'm impressed! Thank you very much, Dave, for all the great explanation and all the effort you've put for us "the dummies" to understand how ams works. I honestly don't think I would ever get that information just by myself. I can't express my gratefulness just in words really. Great course, if I can give a 10 star I would!

by Maria Nikolova

All in all a well balance course. Good job Only part 4 is too heavy ( I was about to quit a couple of times). Guess could be simplified and refined. I mean probably only one example (fiction or non-fiction) would suffice for the purpose. only found one typo…. Part 3 Notes and Resoureces (instead of resources) Will be back BR from Madrid

by Julio Santiago Gonzalez

your cause was very use full to me, i wont ever Forget it, than you.

by Juan Alvarez

Excellent course I am already applying some of the lesson.

by Ronald Streeter

by Onyema Udeze

So very helpful. Yet? I need to go over it again and again. My book is a spiritual book about breathing and knowing your divine nature. And? I don't know how to use the rocket program yet. so there is much to do. This gives me something to go for.

by elizabth bunker

At least im no longer clueless and Dave is great coz he gives you other resources. Really good course i would recommend for all newbies

by Morris Lungu

Excellent series of lessons. I feel like I finally know what I'm going now. Thank you!

by Kate Jones

It seems like a cliche to say I wish I had had this course and the Publisher (KDP) Rocket software when I published my first book 4 years ago. It never really got off the ground even though I was diligently following the advise I could find online. And, the results for my second book weren't much better. But, Dave Chesson's course "Amazon Advertisements for Books" was so clear and easy to follow that I've already sold more books in two weeks than I had in two years. Thanks, Dave. I am excited and re-energized about the possibilities of making this a true passive income stream as I fine-tune the skills you have taught me. I also acquired the Publisher Rocket software and it is definitely a game changer. Suddenly, so many new niche opportunities are in front of me waiting to be exploited.

by Gordon Wright

You did a good job. Now I am totally convinced I do not have the time for this if I want to write. Thanks for the info. At my age, time is not on my side nor do I have the money to pay someone to do it for me. So I'll muddle along and not bother further.

by Cherime MacFarlane

Crystal clear and thorough presentation

by Leanna Englert

This course taught me so much. It's amazing!

by Marcia Soligo

The course is break-through instructions needed for dreams of being a Break Out Writer. With the advert of home computers and the explosion of writers, the prior small possibility of finding a book agent or publisher has became tiny, tiny, tinier. Dave, step by step, introduces what a self publishing writer needs to learn about how Amazon wants you to succeed but you first must learn to speak their language, aka the internet. Having to marketing your own book is almost a certainty and this free course gets your foot in the door. Dave has excellent communication skills and obviously knows his stuff. Steve Stewart Author of: Ditch Rider

by Steve Stewart

I am a new publisher on KDP and have found the course immensely interesting. I am applying all that I have learnt immediately in my publishing effort and will keep my eyes peeled for any additional trainings of this kind. Thank you so much Dave.

by Simon Watti

It is good information for marketing your own books

by Carol Hinton

by Alexander Shulginov

The quick and easy to understand videos make it super easy to get off to a good start. The quiz at the end lets you know right away if you comprehended what you just learned. I scored a 100 % on the quiz so I say I am Off to a Good Start! Thank you...

by richard greene

This course is really educational on helping increase success with ams adds!

by Eli Barlow

For one who is willing to put in the time and leg-work to market books -- but lacks a vast email following or "list of contacts." This course provides the nuts an bolts needed to give titles a chance to be seen in the highly competitive world of book marketing. Dave gives good advice, easy-to-follow steps, and great resources for success in the Kindle universe.

by Bonnie Cox