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Choosing the right keywords and categories can make a huge difference in how much exposure Amazon gives to your book.  

Do it correctly, and the number of readers who see your book will increase dramatically. Do it poorly, and your book will get little or no attention on Amazon.  

The problem most authors face though is that coming up with the right keywords and categories is extremely hard.  There are a lot of components to think about and ways to approach it. 

That's why I've created this course.  Through this, you'll be able to look over my shoulder as I show you how to approach finding the right keywords and categories, and how to best use them to your advantage. 

In this course, I will show you how to: 

  • Improve your books discoverability on Amazon
  • Find profitable keywords
  • Use your keywords in the most effective manner 
  • Understand how Amazon uses keywords to show your book
  • Use a prove process to select bestselling categories
  • Unlock the hidden categories that most authors and publishers don't know about
  • Increase the number of categories your book shows for
and more...

"Learn from Kindlepreneur on how to optimize your books for more sales" ~ Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

So, if you'd like to get your book positioned in front of more shoppers, increase your sales, and hit that bestseller status, then be sure to check out this course.

Reviews (70)

Short and sweet. No fluff. Lots of great content.

by Scott Young

Mind-blowingly good! Concise and to the point, with great examples both with and without Publisher Rocket. Best is that I have some actions to take right away! 5 out of 5 stars!

by Sparky Sparks

by Laurie Ryan

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Short and sweet. No fluff. Lots of great content.

by Scott Young

Mind-blowingly good! Concise and to the point, with great examples both with and without Publisher Rocket. Best is that I have some actions to take right away! 5 out of 5 stars!

by Sparky Sparks

by Laurie Ryan

This is a well thought out and deftly delivered course on the topic material. It is applicable to any self publisher, but if you have Publisher Rocket, this course will help you get the most out of your investment. There were also some great tips based upon Dave's research with keywords.

by Brandon LaGreca

I've used Dave's Publisher Rocket, tips and "how-to's" for a few years now and have always been delighted with the results. This latest three part series has answered a lot of burning questions.

by Herb Neu

by Meggy Roussel

This was just the help I needed to rework and reposition my titles to get the most out of the Amazon algorithms. I highly recommend this course!

by Alicia Anthony

This course was one that taught me a lot and showed me the data to help me write better descriptions and adjust my existing subtitles. I highly recommend.

by Jamie Davis

This first course cleared my doubts by offering me a method not only to outline keyword searches but also on how to set up my books, and even before writing them. Thank you, Dave.

by Andrea Serione

As usual, Dave and the Kindlepreneur team put together an excellent group of lessons. They always touch on things I've never considered. Nice to have that expertise at hand.

by Phil Truman

Great Content and great Instructor!

by Ahmed Simo

A really great course that clearly and simply talks you through each stage of refining your categories and keywords. Highly recommended.

by Lizzie Chantree

I've been using KDP Rocket for a couple of years now, but this course showed me how to get even more out of it and out of Amazon. There's so much to learn, I'm sure you'll get some real gems out of this course, too. Really clearly presented, practical and useful. Thanks team!

by Sharon Manssen

by Ziv Amit

I learned some new tricks to optimize my own book sales and my clients' book sales. I can't wait to follow his recommendations and watch the book sales skyrocket! Best, Morgan Sutherland

by Morgan Sutherland

I wish I would have gotten this course when I first purchased Rocket. This answered many questions that I had on amazon keywords and categories and I cannot wait to put the information to work and see what happens to my rankings and sales. Thanks!

by Laney Schuman-Boys

I took this course because I am a new author and was struggling with getting my book to appear on amazon. I had no idea there is a science behind the keywords and what you should look out for. I believe the information that I have learned today will help me make better choices on my keywords and categories before I publish and fix those that I have already published. I also loved the format this training is in and the pace of the trainer. Thanks a bunch!

by Jennifer Dowd

I was concerned that this course was the earlier free course, except now you had to pay for it. I couldn't have been more wrong. I thought I knew everything there was to know about keywords and categories and was pleasantly surprised to learn a couple of new things that totally made buying the course worth it.

by Joseph Trent

Love that everything Dave went through was backed by data from the Publisher Rocket Platform. Before, I only analyzed keywords based on a few criteria, but now after this course, I understand where I have been leaving money on the table. Time to revisit my research on my previous books and improve on my chances with new ones to come. Thanks very much for this much needed course, it came in good time for myself and my publishing company!

by Mikkell Khan

I purchased publisher rocket last year and today I purchased this class. I like supporting Dave as he's as genuine as they come and gives up so much of his time for free. This class offers good value for money although as an older author, I sometimes have to watch the videos a couple of times to grasp these techniques. Fortunately, Dave has a way of breaking things down and I'm sure I'll soon be implementing these tips. James


Great job, Dave. I learned a lot of helpful information about how to work with keywords and categories.

by augustine campana

Great course- I learned a lot and took a ton of notes. It's a tool that will need to be referred back to. I also have Rocket, which I love so far! Thank you! Melinda

by Melinda Van Fleet

Loved the course. Very informative.


This course provides clear, practical, specific information on how to find and use keywords for your book and how to place the book in the right Amazon categories. I liked the course very much and learned a lot from it. The course will be even more useful for users of Publisher Rocket. Highly recommended, thanks Dave!

by Ismail Hemmati

I am thanking God I opened my email and found the offer for this class! Best investment I ever made so far this year. I got more out of these 3 videos than I have gotten over the past year in trying way too many other ways to learn the keyword techniques. Side note: Having also purchased Publisher Rocket is a sweetener to this course, HANDS DOWN! Thank you, Dave!!! You are the best! I can't wait to dig into researching my best keywords and phrases so I can sell more books. I feel like a whole new world has opened. I've been blind for so long, and now I finally SEE! MINDBLOWING!!!

by Gill

I got this course at the right time as I am trying to overhaul my metadata. I was winging it before and now know some best practices in choosing keywords and categories, which will help my books be seen by readers. Thanks, Dave!

by Kyle Beale

great advice I like it now the test is to apply the lessons and do the research and learn how to use the rocket which I find overwhelming and complex and have not used it much to get my books in the right best sellers categories and find those keywords and visibility for more readers but I will definitely use it I am a new author and publisher so it's all a process and I like the rinse repeat method to get the confidence going thank you

by Samira Ebrahim

A lot of good info here. I have Publisher Rocket and I have to say it definitely makes it all easier and faster. This is a very thorough course and I highly recommend it.

by Gregory Clark

I love Dave's courses. He always provides easy to understand information in a concise manner. Dave understands our time is valuable. You don't have to spend two hours to learn fifteen minutes of information. And of course the information is top notch. I always walk away with a better understanding of Amazon's quirks and an even great appreciation for Kindle Rocket. Thanks, Dave!

by Trisha Kozik

Dave is one of the smartest and most generous people in the self-publishing industry. I'm always amazed how much content he delivers for free and his paid offerings are well-presented and top-notch, too

by Donna Partow

I've been self-published for years, but this is the best video I've ever seen to describe how to find keywords and use them to enhance the sales of my novels. Thank you Dave for making this available.

by Donna MacMeans

I got a lot out of this course and will be definitely applying the lessons. I'm disappointed that you seem to put such a low priority on update Publisher Rocket for the Canadian market. I hope that will change VERY soon.

by Patti May

Dave's course has taken me from overwhelmed and confused to confident that by putting in the work I will eventually get it right e.g. get my book in categories where they will be found and appreciated. It is also reassuring to know that the categories can be reviewed and updated. I am most grateful for Publisher Rocket. What a difference it makes! THANK YOU!

by Mel Erickson

by Mehdi Benyahia

by grant v

The first half was extremely meaty and very worth every dollar spent. The second half was moderately covered before in a previous YouTube video but still provided a lot of extra value that I wouldn't have gotten elsewhere. Absolutely no complaints. The founder has my respect for getting in front of the camera and making a course. Most authors like me are camera shy. Thank you!

by Davena Hoskins

Clear and simple to understand. Step by step procedure and explanation.

by Denis Scott

by Suzanne Bailey


As always Dave Chesson did a great job in simplifying the use of Keywords and Categories.

by Janet Williamson

by raja Tassawar

This is the insider's course on keyword and category selection. Dave Chesson is a master of his craft and shows us exactly how to find the most targeted keywords and where to place them for maximum effect, as well as the best categories. After taking Dave's fantastic course I'm fired up! Armed with the insider knowledge Dave has given me, today I'll begin to transform my keyword and category strategy for the two books I've already published on Amazon. Here's to exploding sales! Thanks, Dave. :) Get this course and put it into action. You'll be glad you did.

by Eldo Barkhuizen

High-value training, thank you, Dave.

by Said SBAIHI

I found your course really useful! Thank you very much for your efforts! I look forward to seeing more courses on Keywords in the future Sincerely yours, Azat

by Azat Kadyrov

by Lisa Thompson

I learned a lot about best practices for using keywords throughout the publishing process. The presentation was good, with high quality video and sound and relevant slides and examples.

by Erik Tanouye

Very inciteful! This answered a lot of questions that I had regarding ranking and proper keywords.

by Bill Dickey

I enjoyed every moment of this course. Your ability to speak specifically about what you're sharing, backed up with research and experience, and to cover the whole "mystery" for those of us who have never done this part before, is amazing and wonderful. Thank you for making this available to the world, Dave!

by Ilene Dillon-Fink

Clear and plain information on how to find and choose the best keywords and categories to best position your book for sales. I can't say enough how helpful this has been.

by David Schmerer

As much as I've loved Rocket for what it's done for my book sales, I've felt I have barely scratched the surface of how best to use it. I've looked for and listened to Dave Chesson's videos offering tips for how to use it, but this course put everything in one place and I'm able to go back to videos to review things that might not be working for me right away and find my mistakes. I can't wait to dig further into Rocket and into the categories and keywords to help boost my company's book sales again and again. Thanks guys!

by Matt Sinclair

by Austin Marks

Every time I watch one of your videos, I gain a better understanding of how Amazon works. This course was no exception. New tips and insights have me thinking about my current and future projects. Thank you for explaining so clearly.

by Eric Langenwalter

by stacy travis

by Walter Amberger

Clear and concise presentation of good, non-obvious, research-based strategies - and some things I just didn't know.

by Anthony Dobranski

I learned so much in Dave Chesson's new course. What a goldmine! Thanks so much for putting this together!

by E J

This course is well worth the money. Excellent insights based on data.

by Allen Stafford

by Joe Rothstein

All new Authors should complete this course prior to putting their Book for sale on Amazon. Established Authors should complete this course as a marketing refresher, a marketing restart or simply to learn a list of things they never knew about Keywords!

by Rose Angebrandt

Hi Dave ~ Thanks for another stellar course, presented in clear, concise language that made it possible for me to actually learn how to use Amazon keywords effectively for my time travel science fiction novels. The bests thing about your courses, and this one included, is the way you break things down in detail, and give a step-by-step path through determining the most effective actions to take. I have Publisher Rocket, but haven't always used it to best advantage. With this course, I learned ways to use Rocket that helped me find the keywords that will help my books become more discoverable. As a fairly new author, I now feel I have the secret sauce! And you make your courses so affordable, and provide so much free information -- very generous of you! Best, Rachel Dacus

by Rachel Dacus


This training course really gets you to think systematically about how to improve your business strategies for ranking and getting more potential sales in the process. I'm very motivated to test this approach now.

by ric b

It is really helpful. I'm gaining a new knowledge. Will try this on my nonfiction book.

by Atiqah Miswan

Dave presented course with examples, descriptions and clarity. I particularly appreciated you breaking each step down for us as we learn this process to increase our book sales. Very valuable. I will review this program many times. Linda, Author of 3 Bestsellers

by Linda Olson

I particularly appreciated the content presented in relation to Keywords and how they should structured and presented in each of the seven 'boxes.' I am now starting over, changing all of mine and anxiously awaiting the results.

by Richard Harrison

This course was incredibly helpful and it cleared up a lot of questions for me. Thank you so much.

by Ligaya Lowe

This course helped me get much better at using Publish Rocket and understanding how Amazon uses keywords and categories. Dave provides good value with this course, the videos are easy to understand and concise. It was a good investment for me.

by William Tucker

Great. I confess that I knew a lot of the already and was looking forward to even more but it always helps to review what you knew. Thanks Dave. I also liked the way it was organized. Judy

by Judy Fishel

One of my major questions was if amazon does permutations and combinations of ker words was answered. It was as usual full of very good information from Dave.

by Priya Kumari

Very satisfied with the course. You really get a lot of useful information for a low price. Thank you very much.

by Gregor Kamensek

Dave Chesson

Dave Chesson


Dave Chesson is the guy behind, a website devoted to teaching authors about book marketing.   Recommended by Amazon KDP as the place where you can learn how to “optimize marketing for your books,” Kindlepreneur has grown to be one of the largest book marketing websites.

Having worked with such authors as Orson Scott Card, Kevin J. Anderson, Ted Dekker and more, his tactics help both Fiction and Nonfiction authors of all levels get their books discovered by the right readers.  

Dave is also the creator of Publisher Rocket, a software that helps authors see what's really going on in the book market, and thus pick better keywords and categories to help them sell more books.  

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