Mastering Kindle Keywords

Course description

Choosing the right keywords and placing them in the right spots make a large difference in how Amazon chooses to show your book.  

Do it correctly, and the number of book shoppers that see your book will increase dramatically.  Do it poorly and guess, and your book's discoverability will suffer.  

That's why in this course I will show you the following: 

  • How to find profitable keywords
  • Learn where to place them for most optimal discoverability
  • Understand how Amazon uses your keywords and how this affects your book
  • And more...

So, if you'd like to get your book positioned in front of more shoppers and increase your sales, then be sure to check out this course.  

Dave Chesson

Dave Chesson


I'm Dave and when I am not sipping tea with princesses or chasing the Boogey man out of closets, I'm a Kindlepreneur and digital marketing nut - it's my career, hobby and passion.

Other than leading the largest and most popular website on Book Marketing, Kindlepreneur, I've consulted and helped create Amazon Ads for NYT bestselling authors like Ted Dekker, as well as Pat Flynn, Jeff Goins, and more.

So, enroll in the absolutely free, no spam or gimmick course, and not only learn how to create profitable Amazon ad campaigns, but also watch as I create campaigns for some of the biggest authors in the industry.

Course Contents

3 Videos

1.0 hr